Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Teen Daughter


Shopping for clothes with a teen girl can be as fun as it is expensive, and can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy trying out new looks. Of course, some types of shopping are easier than others – getting her some cute new outfits for school will always be less of a stressful venture than picking up a dress for an important party. Swimwear can be one of the very hardest things to shop for with a teen, because while there are all kinds of gorgeous styles of junior swimsuits out there, revealing clothing is hard to shop for at the best of times, let alone when you are a teenager and probably filled with insecurities about your growing body!

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Teen Daughter

While harder to shop for than jeans, swimwear is something that, when you get it right, will be something she will really love and have a lot of fun wearing, whether to the pool or the beach. Here are some thoughts on nailing swimsuit shopping with a teenage girl:

Stylish or Active?

There are countless styles of swimwear out there, but which is best really depends on what your plans are. A fashionable bikini can be ideal for lounging by the pool, but not so great in terms of staying put if you want to dive, swim seriously or try watersports. It could be that it is best to have a sports style swimsuit for activity and a less practical, stylish one for hanging out with friends at the beach or by a pool. This is as much a consideration for adults as for teens, but finding a balance between sporty and trendy can be more important when your teen does like to be active in the water in the summer.

Sleek, racer style one piece swimsuits can offer comfort and good aerodynamics for swimming, but won't look as trendy or be as good for tanning as bikini styles. While it may just sound harder to have to find more than one bathing suit, it is actually easier to split your needs into two areas – activity and style – and find one suit for each rather than trying to compromise if you think she needs a sensible swimsuit for sports and she wants a funky one to wear on vacation!

Body Confidence

Being a teenage girl is pretty hard. We all, as women, remember the awkwardness of how we felt about our bodies in our teens, even if looking back, we'd probably love to have those figures again. This means that your teen probably worries about all kinds of stuff to do with body size and shape that you might not even imagine she is concerned about. Whether it is feeling flat chested or worrying that she looks fat, she is probably at her most self-conscious in a swimsuit, and so it is a good idea to look for styles that flatter in the areas she feels concerned about, even if you think she looks fine.

Swimsuits and bikinis can often be found with bra style fittings on the top part, and also with padding and uplift. This can be worth considering if she worries about a small bust or if she developed early and wants some good support in that area. Fashionable tankinis are a good choice if she wants the cool look of a two piece but doesn't like showing her midriff. There are also great swimsuits with shorts as a bottom part that can be a good choice if she doesn't like showing her thighs or behind. Some girls are happy to wear skimpy styles, but for those who aren't, there are plenty of ways to look just as fashionable and feel more concealed.


One thing that can make any girl look and feel great in her swimwear is a good choice of accessories that are both practical and attractive. Sunglasses are an essential to protect her eyes, and can be a fun way to compliment her beach look. Hats, beach bags, flip flops and cover ups like sarongs can all also be useful and help her create a complete beach outfit that she will love wearing. When you go out to buy a bikini or swimsuit, make it more fun by also shopping for these extra small pieces that can make all the difference.

Shopping for beach gear with your teen daughter can be great fun as long as you keep in mind that swimwear can be daunting for young women, and that the best beach clothing needs great accessories too!

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