4 Tips for A Successful Family Camping Trip


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Our favorite summer activity is camping, not only do we get to spend quality time together as a family but we can explore the great outdoors.  I have to admit that it can be stressful for parents, especially with small children, but with a little planning and preparation, you’ll be a camping pro!

1 – Camping Rules

In order to avoid a family feud, on our camping trips, I like to review our family camping rules before we leave the house.  This way everyone knows what to expect and there are no surprises when we arrive at our campsite.  Remind your children that they can only play near fire or water if an adult is supervising.

Your rules can range from being respectful of other campsites to not leaving the flashlight on all night.  Get everyone involved in setting up camp, preparing meals and cleaning up.  If everyone has a responsibility for the whole trip will be a lot less stressful.

2 – Camping Gear

There are a few basics in camping gear that will make your trip a huge success.  The basics include:

  • Shelter, this is pretty straightforward but knowing whether you’ll have to set up a tent or if you’re renting a cabin will make packing a whole lot easier.
  • Bedding, whether you decide on sleeping bags or have to bring your own bedding for the cabins being prepared is the key.
  • Flashlight, a personal light is not only fun for the kids but can make them feel a lot more comfortable under the dark night sky.  Keep in mind that flashlights allow children to read before bed, make shadow puppets in their tent, and make it safely to the bathroom at night.  If you’re looking for a family friendly flashlight you’ll love the BatteryGuard feature offered by Coleman.  This flashlight helps prevent battery drain and offers a 25% longer battery life, it a perfect addition to your next trip to the great outdoors.
  • First Aid Kit, you can purchase first aid kits at most stores and pharmacies but you probably already have everything you need at home.  Put together a kit that contains antibacterial cream, disinfectants, bandages of all different sizes, gauze, allergy medication, pain medication, tweezers, scissors and a tensor wrap. Some creams or lotions for insect bites and sunburn prevention are also a great idea.

3 – Food and Beverages

This might be one of the most important parts of camping!  I don’t know about you but our family eats a lot more when we’re out exploring the great outdoors.  Planning your meals ahead of time helps to know what you need to prepare the food while camping and what you can prep ahead.  Always pack extra water and snacks like trail mix and don’t forget the s’mores!

One important thing to note when you’re picking your destination is if you’ll have access to safe drinking water.  Some campsites have water readily available while others you have to bring your own.  Camping is no fun if everyone gets dehydrated or you have to end up running into town to pick up more supplies because of improper planning.

4 – Family Fun Activities

Once the essential packing list of food, safety, and shelter is out of the way you can start planning some fun family activities.  Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun and can be great for any age group.  Night time activities like a marshmallow roast or star gazing are great ways to bond as a family and enjoy being together.

Have the power you need when you need it with the new Coleman BatteryGuard Flashlight you’ll be prepared for your next camping trip or emergency situation.  It also makes a great gift for Father’s Day or any outdoors enthusiast in your life!

Keep in mind that the weather might not always cooperate with your plans.  Having a few extra supplies along like umbrellas or coloring books allows you to enjoy family fun activities no matter what the mother nature decides.  Make sure you have something fun planned for everyone, whether it is a fun game of flashlight tag or singing songs around the campfire you’ll be making memories the whole family will cherish.


By taking a little time before your camping trip to plan some fun camping activities for the kids as well as the whole family.  I guarantee with a little planning your camping trip will be a success and it might be one your favorite summer activities too!

What is your favorite camping activity?


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  1. We love camping and it was especially fun when our kids were little, they were always so excited. Love the idea of “camping rules”, why didn’t I think of implementing those, would have saved a few headaches!
    After reading your post…I am itching to get camping again!

  2. These tips are super helpful! I haven’t been an avid camper as an adult and the thought of it overwhelms be a bit. Haha. We camped a decent amount as a kid, so now it’s my turn to do the same with my kids and I’ve got to better prepare myself. Thanks for all of these ideas and reminders.

  3. SMORES!!!! LOL. That’s my favourite part. I enjoy just getting away. I am more of a glamper actually but love being outside and relaxing and hope to do so again this year. I was literally just thinking about our flashlights the other day. My kids use them all summer especially if they go to camp. One is going to camp in August again and she will need a great quality flashlight for exploring and reading under the covers at night too.

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