5 Tips for Finding More Free Time in Your Day


We’ve all said it before… “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” Especially as moms, it seems like time eludes us. But what if instead of just wishing for more time, we could actually find that extra time? Wishing for it isn’t going to get any of us very far, but learning to be more effective with the time we do have and using a few key strategies for being more successful will help us all find those extra hours and maximize what we are able to accomplish in a day. So, instead of sitting around asking ourselves questions, let’s start following these tips and make the most of every day we have.


1. Prepare for Productivity

It may seem like preparing is just another task to add to the never-ending list, but taking some time up front to prepare yourself and get organized will make all the difference. Plus, there are a few ways that you can do this so that you can “hit the ground running” in the morning and really get the most out of your day.

  • Making a to-do list the night before is essential for productivity. Once you have it made, you won’t have any decisions to make the next day. You’ll simply be able to follow your list and get going.
  • Itemizing your to-do list is also an important step. Knowing the order in which you need to accomplish things according to their importance will help you streamline your time and avoid time-wasting pitfalls.
  • Organizing your materials and space also helps you prepare for productivity. You won’t waste time looking for things, and you’ll be able to move seamlessly from one task to the next.

5 Tips for Finding More Free Time in Your Day

2. Identify Your Most Productive Time

We all have a time when we are the most focused and energized throughout the day. Whether your time is morning, noon, or night, take note of when that most productive time is. Then plan your activities accordingly. Do your most difficult tasks at this time in the day, and save your easier tasks that require less focus and thinking during your “tired” or “foggy” stages. Knowing your “ideal work time” is especially important as a mom so you can itemize your tasks accordingly.


3. Get More Sleep

Instead of staying up late to get things done, go to bed and get more sleep. This is a suggestion that seems counterintuitive for getting more done and having more time, but it really will help you be more successful with your time. If you head to bed earlier and get the rest your body needs, you’ll be able to wake up with your alarm and get up before your kids to get the things done that you need to. You’ll also feel more alert throughout the entire day, so you’ll end up wasting less time. If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping due to an old mattress, purchase a Purple bed or other comfortable mattress that will support you more comfortably.


4. Avoid Time Wasters

How many times have you sat down to your computer or phone to just take a “quick break” only to find yourself an hour or three later still in the exact same spot? It’s easy to get caught in those time wasters like Facebook, television, or even web browsing. So, get rid of them. Set aside some time in your day, like first thing in the morning, to catch up on all of the news with your friends, and then avoid it the rest of the day. Committing to this step will also help you avoid electronics before bed, giving you better and earlier sleep.


5. Do Double Duty

If you really want to maximize what you can accomplish in a day, figure out where you can do “double duty.” If you have to sit in the carpool line to pick up your kids, take along your email or another work task. Or head outside with your kids, play for a little while, and then spend some time reading or getting caught up on your daily tasks. Doubling up on tasks will help you get more accomplished and save you time all around.


Getting everything accomplished can be really tough, especially as a mom. These tips will help you make the most of your time and start finding those lost hours in your day.

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