4 Tips To Make Moving Day Simpler


4 Tips To Make Moving Day Simpler

No matter the circumstances, moving day is stressful. You are uprooting your whole family, and all of their belongings, and moving them to another location. For moms with young kids, it can be even more difficult, as you need to fit in time to plan your move around your kids’ schedule. There is a lot that goes into moving from one home to another, and it can all quickly become overwhelming. To simplify things, here are a few tips that can make the process a little easier.

Start Preparing For Your Move Early

A mother’s life is a busy one, and there often isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that you’d like. However, once you know the day that you’ll be moving, it’s important to start preparing for it as soon as you can. Leaving everything until the last minute will only stress you out more, and you are likely to forget some things along the way.

Make a list of everything you are going to be bringing with you, and everything you are going to get rid of. Purchase enough packing supplies to hold it all, or hire a packing service to handle it for you. Make sure everything will be ready with your new home before you move in, and set some goals for how much you want to have packed as the day approaches. Give yourself plenty of time, and take things one at a time, and you’ll find that the moving process is much easier.

Keep Everything Organized

As you are preparing for your move, it’s important that you keep everything organized. Finished packing up a box? Make sure you label it. Need to have your mail forwarded to another address? Add it to a checklist, and check it off when you’ve completed it. Is your child all set up to start at their new school, or have you alerted their current school that your child will be at a different bus stop? By writing things down as you think of them, and taking them off the list when they’re complete, you can keep your thoughts managed.

Find A Good Moving Company – Don’t Do It Yourself

Next, you are likely going to need the services of a moving company to help you out. A good moving company will take care of transporting everything from one location to another, get it all set up in your new home, and can even help you pack up.

Packing is one of the worst parts of moving, so consider hiring a professional to do this part for you. According to A and A moving, a Los Angeles mover, “You don’t have to figure out how many boxes you need in varying sizes or what sort of fillers would keep items from shifting during the move.” They also add “Along with getting the right supplies, you won’t end up spending time going all over town trying to find boxes that will work”.

Renting a truck and trying to do this all on your own is going to be a difficult task unless you have a lot of help, and some people who have experience moving furniture. If you don’t have that, your best bet is to let a professional team handle it, and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Make A Plan For Your Kids

Finally, especially if you have younger kids, you’ll likely want to have something for them to do on the day of the move. With so many people moving heavy boxes and furniture around, and you busy managing everything, you won’t have time to keep an eye on your kids. See if you can send them to a friends house for the afternoon, or hire a babysitter who can watch them at their house. Then you’ll be free to focus solely on the move, and you can pick your kids up when everything is done and take them to the new house.

Moving Day Doesn’t Have To Be Too Stressful

When we think about all that we have to do in order to move, it can be overwhelming. But if you give yourself plenty of time, keep yourself organized, and get some good help, the day doesn’t have to be too stressful. Sure, the day is going to be busy and chaotic, and you’ll probably sleep quite well that first night in your new home because you’ll be so tired, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable. Use the tips above, and you should find that your moving day is fairly simple.

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