Teach Your Child Proper Contact Lens Care With These 4 Tips


More children are in need of glasses at an early age to correct their eyesight and improve their vision both in school and at home. Although adults are known to wear contacts, more children are using the product to continue playing sports and avoid changing their appearance. To teach your child how to wear contact lenses, there are a few important tips to follow.

Teach Your Child Proper Contact Lens Care With These 4 Tips

1. Avoid Pressing Too Hard

Kids can often become anxious when trying to put the contact lenses in, which can make it difficult to remain gentle when holding the item. Children should avoid placing too much pressure when inserting them into each eye, which can cause them to flip inside out before falling out or even cause damage to the eye.

2. Wash Your Hands

When wearing contact lenses, kids must handle the product with their bare hands when taking them in and out each day. Instruct your child to wash their hands before handling the lens to avoid getting dirt in their eye or causing damage to the product. Their hands should also be dried properly before the contacts are used to avoid losing their grip on each lens.

3. Breathe and Open Your Eyes

Kids can become stressed when attempting to put the lenses in, which can cause them to hold their breath or close their eyes during the process. Help them open their eyes extremely wide and continue breathing to ensure that they stay relaxed and comfortable. You can also ask them to avoid blinking for several seconds until the lens is completely in.

4. Spend Five to 10 Minutes Each Day

Although it may take adults a few seconds to put their contact lenses in, children can take a significant amount of time to learn the new habit. Carve out five to 10 minutes of time each morning when they can practice putting the lens in and following each step. You can also have the optometrist from All About Eyes model how to perform the task to ensure that they become accustomed to putting them in each day.

Wearing glasses can be easier for children to wear when they need to improve their vision, but contact lenses can allow them to stay active during the day. With the right tips, your little one will feel more comfortable using the product and can return to their normal activities.

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