Always Paying to Replace Things? Stop It Now With These Tips


Always Paying to Replace Things? Stop It Now With These TipsPictures of Money

Do you find yourself having to replace things all the time? It might be a shirt, a plate or a more significant purchase. If everything in your house seems to break or disappear, it's time to do something about it. You don't have to keep replacing things when there are several ways you can make sure everything lasts longer. Even having kids in the house won't stop you from saving money. There are several easy ways you can avoid having to buy the same thing over and over again. Here's how you can do it, saving yourself money and a lot of stress.

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

You've probably heard the saying “buy cheap, buy twice.” You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a quality purchase, but it can help. In general, the more you spend, the longer the thing you buy is going to last. However, that doesn't mean you always have to go for the most expensive option. Making smarter purchasing decisions is about researching a product before you buy it. Start off by looking at review and recommendation websites to find the best options. On The Smart Consumer, you'll find a number of different categories to help you discover the best products. Learn about the item that you're buying, both in a broad and specific sense. If you don't know what to look for in a washing machine, find out!

Set Rules About Kids and Valuables

Having children in the house can be a recipe for disaster if you want to keep things for a long time. It wouldn't be a good idea to have a priceless Ming vase or a Faberge egg lying around. Just because children can be a little clumsy, it doesn't mean they go around destroying everything they touch. One thing that can help protect your home is making some rules for the kids to follow. For example, there might be some things they're never allowed to touch and others for which they need permission and supervision. You can also make sure they know how to use things safely without breaking them. Of course, making the rules doesn't guarantee they'll follow them!

Look After Your Possessions

You also bear some responsibility to look after your things. Even many adults are guilty of not looking after their property as much as they should. Start getting strict with yourself about how you use your stuff. Change your habits so you stop losing things so much. Make a rule for yourself never to have any food or drink near your computer. If you're giving the kids rules, you should try to follow some of them too. You can find gadgets and devices to help you look after your things better. For example, you can attach a tracker to your car keys, so you always know where they are.

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Make Sure You're Insured

Insurance won't prevent you having to replace things, but it will remove the sting of the cost. You might have to pay out of pocket at first, depending on your policy. But once you send off the receipt for your purchase, you can get your money back. Many of your possessions will be protected under your homeowner's or renter's insurance. However, you need to check just what is protect and how. For example, you might be able to make an insurance claim if something is stolen, but not if it gets lost. You might consider taking out individual policies for some items too.


Learn to Fix Things

Why replace something entirely if you can repair it? There are lots of things you might be able to fix instead of buying them again. Fixing something yourself is often better than taking it for repairs. Sometimes the repairs cost so much that you might as well buy something new instead. But if you can fix it yourself, you can do it for very little. There are lots of things you could learn to repair. Learning how to make clothes alterations and repairs can mean not having to buy clothes so often. You could even start to tinker with electronics.


Learn Tips to Make Things Last Longer

Another way to avoiding replacing items all the time is to find ways to make them last longer. Even food can be made to survive longer with a few simple tips and tricks. It's much less wasteful if you can draw out the lifespan of something you've bought. You can find advice on how to make something last longer, whether it's a laptop or a dishwasher.

You can make significant savings by making smart decisions and caring for your possessions. Don't just replace something as soon as you see signs of damage, either.

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