Vacationing with Kids in 2016?


It’s hard work going on holiday with a family. Not only do you have to take more than the average traveller, and then some, you have to keep kids amused every step of the way. This is no easy feat at the best of times. It’s certainly not any easier when you’re in the hot sweaty confines of a crowded car going on vacation. No one wants to drive with the sound of kids yelling in the back of the car. Yelling isn’t even the worst of it. When you're travelling with a young family, you’ve always got to be on guard for the dreaded travel sickness. Have you driven 300 miles in a car that reeks of vomit? It doesn’t matter how long you open the windows for. Nor even how much you scrub at it with wet wipes. It can linger on for ages. Your tan will disappear before that horrible smell is gone.

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Then there’s the expense. Going on holiday when you have kids in tow will make a serious dent in your purse. If you go to a typical holiday resort, soft drinks and snacks tend to cost the earth. And what do children want most? It’s like only being able to shop in a service station – it’s that expensive. There are savvy ways around this, but it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to be putting your hand in your pocket more often than you thought. So you’ve spent hours preparing sandwiches and packed lunches? Good luck with that. Once they see the burger van, you’re most likely to end up taking those sandwiches home or throwing them in the nearest bin. Your cartons of warm squash will be drunk on the way there… and oh, look! You can buy over priced, ok, they might be refillable, but expensive branded supersized cups. Ready to be filled over and over again with caffeinated drinks. There’s no easier way to ensure you’ll be getting no time to yourself until your own bed time. Who doesn't love a relaxing family holiday!

If you to choose to go on vacation, it makes sense to keep costs down. Brave enough to venture abroad? There are loads of cheap package vacations. It’s difficult to find reasonable deals when you have children. HotWire is a good way to find child-friendly package holidays.  You might want to consider all inclusive if you’re on a tight budget. This is useful if you don’t plan on straying from the resort too often. If you’re planning on being out every day and night, then this isn’t the best option for you.

If you decide that you’d rather stay on home soil, then there are lots of ways you can still enjoy some time out. From a break away in another town or city to days out here and there, it’s a still a break from the old routine. Family Days Out is a clever way to find out what is on in your local area or for days out further afield. Making memories is still vital. It doesn’t matter if it’s own your doorstep.

A family holiday can be great fun, but preparation is key! Make sure your dream break doesn’t turn into a nightmare! Have you any great ideas for vacationing with the kids? Where’s your favourite destination?

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