5 Products That Will Make Any Room More Homely


Making your house a home can be a strangely difficult task, especially if you’ve just moved in. Figuring out how to turn the empty abyss into something that’s cozy, comfortable, and most importantly your own is something that can’t be done in a day.

Luckily for homeowners, dorm dwellers and apartment tenants alike, there are tons of products out there that can immediately make your living space more welcoming without breaking the bank. Once you have your basics such as the color palette, furnishings, materials and essentials down, it’s up to you to accessorize your space with the items you love.

An Electric Wall Heater

Not everyone can install a fireplace, but electric heaters are compact and inoffensive products that will immediately make life in any room much more enjoyable – especially in winter. Imagine being able to spring out of bed as the sun rises, without worrying about being assaulted by a wave of icy air. Imagine not having to layer up and constantly sip on hot coffee to keep yourself from freezing.

With an electric wall heater, you won’t have to imagine.

Fairy Lights

These inexpensive pieces of lighting have a ton of benefits. Not only do they make a bedroom look super cozy, but they’re also about as soft as lights can get, which makes for great selfies.

Picking up a string of RGB bulbs as opposed to the standard white or yellow bulbs help takes things a step further by allowing you to choose from a selection of colors. They are great for parties and mood lighting.

A Headboard

It’s amazing how much depth and coziness a simple headboard adds. It also goes a long way in making your bed look less like a prison bed and more like one that belongs in a real home. You can always make your own with the right plank of wood if money is a concern.

A Photo Wall

While the above items effectively make your house a home, nothing makes a house your home more than a photo wall. Whether its family, your cat, or your favorite travel snaps, an area dedicated to the images that define your life is about as cozy as it gets. They add life and personality to any room and often make great conversation pieces.


A few furry rugs, especially around areas such as the couch and bed, add a lot of warmth and texture to a living space. Don’t be afraid to layer them around your bed for extra comfort when you wake up. If you have tiled floors, a few fur rugs will help make your living space look cozier.


It’s clear that you don’t need to stick a bear skin on your wall or blow your budget on linen and pillow top mattresses to add some much-needed coziness to a room. Although feel free to do so if your wallet allows it. Linen feels great too.

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