3 Ways to Protect your Kids from Bed Bugs


3 Ways to Protect your Kids from Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are tiny, flat, brownish bugs about the size of a sesame seed. They hide during our waking hours in beds and chair crevices, couches, rugs, curtains, and dressers. Bedbugs then come out during the night to find their nourishment, which is blood. Bedbugs are able to feed on blood without having it clot in the host. They can then spread easily by hiding in clothing or luggage. Typically, people do not feel the bite, but after being bitten, there will be an itchy red bump. Here are three ways to protect your kids from bed bugs.

During Travel

You are most likely to come across bedbugs when travelling, so it is important to create a plan. Several websites inform travelers of bedbug infestations by location, so do some research before you travel.

Once you have arrived, look for bedbugs by pulling back sheets, searching for spots of blood on the mattresses. If you see signs of bedbugs, request a different room and inspect the new room as well.

Once you are in a clean room, keep all of your belongings off of the floor and the beds, where bedbugs can be hiding. You can do this by utilizing the luggage racks provided by the hotel or by putting your belongings on a desk. Keep your clothes on hangers and wash all clothes right away when you get home.


The incidents of bedbugs are increasing. Bed bugs can easily travel with you or your child from house to house. Always be careful when buying used items from thrift stores or garage sales. Also, do not pick up a discarded piece of furniture that has been left in an alley on or the street. Many companies, such as Midwest Pest Control, a pest control service in Tulsa, can give professional advice on what to do if you come across a bedbug or think your child may have come in contact.

If your child has been in an infested area, make sure to wash all clothes immediately with hot water. If this cannot be done right away, be sure to seal any clothing in a plastic bag.

Home Upkeep

Keep your home and your child's bedroom uncluttered, so bedbugs do not have places to hide during the day. Change all of the bed sheets every week in addition to vacuuming the floors. If you find that your child's mattress has bedbugs, purchase a mattress cover that is labeled as “anti-allergy” or “anti-dust mites.” This will help prevent the bed bugs from infesting your child's bedding.

Bed bugs can leave you and your child itchy and feeling unsafe at night. It is important to protect your children from bedbugs so they do not suffer from the possible consequences.

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  1. A mattress encasement will certainly help protect your child. As a father myself I’d hate to think of my kids suffering from bed bug bites. It’s important that you can do as much as you can stop infestations at home. Purchasing second hand furniture is also a sure fire way to bring them into your home as well as traveling or staying in hotels with bed bugs. Nice article 🙂

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