Organize Your Home with Fathead


With both kids in school this year I have been focusing on organizing the house, purging stuff we doing use and reducing our paper use.  I'm looking forward to moving into the summer months feeling organized and ready to relax.  I wanted to share a few of the simple changes we made to reduce our paper use and organize the home.

Organize Your Home with Fathead


A simple way to reduce our paper use was to start using a dry erase calendar.  I love the Small 1-Month Dry Erase in Paisley from Fathead, with a price tag of $19.99 it was an easy decision to make.

fathead one month calendar

The new calendar quickly found a home on the fridge where we will all see it every day.  We mark off important appointments, birthdays, holidays and activities.  We've been using it for just over a month now and are pleased with the high-quality material and how easy it is to clean.

Having the calendar on our fridge helps us plan the upcoming week and never miss something important.  I love the visual it gives the family and the kids have a stronger sense of responsibility.



The main areas in the home are highly organized, the only problem is the kitchen is full of unlabeled containers so if anyone else tries to make something they have to ask me or guess what's in them.  I was thrilled to find chalkboard labels that are easy to use and re-use.

fathead reusable chalkboard labels

These Martha Stewart Flourish Chalkboard Home Labels from Fathead are a simple way to organize and at $19.99 they're priced affordably.

Fathead Chalkboard Labels

You can easily write on the labels with chalk and they easily wipe off so you can re-use the label again and again, which makes it great for containers that don't always hold the same thing.

Family Notes

One of the most important things to our family is communication, we love leaving notes for each other in our lunches or slip them under our bedroom doors.  When I came across the Black and White Dry Erase Message Dots at Fathead I had the perfect use for them – our bedroom wall!

This REAL.BIG. Fathead Wall Graphic priced at $59.99 is a high definition image made of tough high-grade vinyl that's tear and fade resistant.

real big fathead decal

These dry erase dots work perfectly for leaving notes or when Dustin wants to practice his writing skills.  I love waking up to notes from the kids saying I love you or Dustin's autograph and drawings.  Something we learned is that only NEON dry erase markers work on the black dots and when you erase your writing wiping from the outside in is the best so you don't leave traces of marker on the wall.


This REAL.BIG. Fathead decal is a high-quality print made of tough high-grade self-adhesive vinyl, so you can be assured your design will look great, stay put and hold up. What makes the rub on transfer application different than your standard peel and stick method is the transfer process itself, which allows Fathead to create intricate and unique designs that cannot be accomplished otherwise.


If you're on the search for dry erase products or chalkboard labels we love the selection of Fathead Wall Graphics, they've helped us easily organize our home.

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