The Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle Habits


It is hard to believe that 21 days ago I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I knew that starting off small was the key to success so let’s take a look at the three simple habits I implemented daily.

  1. Vitamins and Supplements – Jamieson Essentials
  2. Water – goal of 9 cups a day
  3. Exercise – 20 minutes a day

All about the Jamieson Essentials

I knew that taking the proper vitamins and supplements daily was essential to my whole body health.  I created a habit by keeping the four products in my bathroom and making them part of my daily routine.

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As a quick reminder, the Jamieson Essentials line-up includes:

  1. Jamieson 100% Complete Multivitamins for Adults
  2. Jamieson Extra Strength Omega-3
  3. Jamieson Probiotic 10 Billion
  4. Jamieson Vitamin D

Being afraid that you’re taking the wrong vitamins shouldn’t stop you from being healthy.  The experts at Jamieson have identified these four products for a foundation to healthier living.  Let’s take a look at why this combination helps you create healthy lifestyle habits:

  • The multivitamin ensures you’re meeting your daily vitamin requirement because 60% of the population aren’t getting enough from their meals.
  • The omega-3 helps improve cardiovascular health without the fishy taste
  • Probiotics are an excellent way to improve your digestive and immune health. Taken regularly they contribute to reducing bloating while aiding in proper digestion that helps keep you regular.
  • Vitamin D helps support your immune system, absorb calcium and prevents major diseases.

Taking Jamieson Essentials for 21 days was an easy way to help build the foundation for whole-body health including digestive, heart and bone.  When you support your whole body great things happen including strengthening your immune system and regular bowel movements.

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The Importance of Water

I have to admit when I first started increasing my water intake I wasn’t a big fan; it is just so plain.  I kept pushing forward and filling my glass, by the end of the day I was surprised at how much water I was able to drink.

A few ways to increase your water intake:

  • Infuse your water with fruit – cucumber mint is my favorite
  • Use a water bottle and carry it everywhere
  • Keep a tally on the side of your glass or water bottle of how many refills you’ve had

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The best side effect of increasing my water intake is a clear complexion; my skin is silky and smooth now.  The downside is how many times I have to get up and go to the bathroom during the day, but it keeps me moving and helps me get my daily step count!

The Importance of Daily Exercise

My goal was to get 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day, which didn’t seem hard at first.  When I started thinking about it, I already walk the dogs and pick up the kids from school, so this was going to be easy.


I challenged myself to push it a little more each week by:

  • Hitting at least 5 km on my step counter daily
  • Participating in yoga 2x a week
  • Body resistance exercises 1x a week

By challenging myself daily, I noticed a huge improvement in my cardiovascular health and now easily keep up with the kids!

Achieving my health goals was simple with these habits I worked on daily, a small change daily makes a huge impact in as little as 21 days.  Now that I’ve set up my foundation to a healthier body I’m ready to take this challenge to the next step.

What’s one small change you can make towards a healthier you?


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