When Buying The Cheapest Product Possible Is Not The Best Move


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When Buying The Cheapest Product Possible Is Not The Best Move

Sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of buying the cheapest oil product and thinking it will also be better than costlier ones. Even with pure essential oils, the composition of the oil can vary. There are many reasons why cheaper isn't always necessarily better.

Essential Oils

Inexpensive essential oils are often diluted with other kinds of oils you may not know about at first glance. Alcohol, vegetable oil or cheaper oils like geraniol can sometimes be mixed in with the product, which is often a big reason why they're cheaper. It's simply because it isn't pure essential oil.

You have to use more drops of the cheaper oil to get the same effect from a costlier oil. The more expensive brands are more potent, so it will only take a fraction of the amount to create the same soothing and beneficial effects. As a result, you’re really not saving yourself any money by choosing less expensive essential oils.


Trying to cut costs by buying cheaper food can come back to bite you in the long run, both physically and financially. Less expensive food is often highly processed and low in nutrients. Relying too heavily on these types of food can have serious health consequences; these issues can end up shortening your life and costing you a fortune in medical bills.


You might think you’re saving money by purchasing a car at an extremely low price, but you’re probably not. Cars that sell at low prices usually have mechanical issues that need to be addressed. These costs can surprise you and add up quickly. Cheap cars are usually older, meaning that they don’t get very good fuel economy. You’ll end up spending much more for gas than you would with a newer, more efficient vehicle. Finally, cheap cars have little to no resale value. You’re probably better off taking the bus until you can afford a quality vehicle at a reasonable price.


The list goes on and on, but the lesson is that you shouldn’t always go for the purchase that is the cheapest option. Even though you’re saving money now, you may be losing money later on. When it comes to oils, food, and cars, it makes financial sense to choose quality first.


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