As Explained by an Attorney 5 Questions and Answers Regarding Personal Injury (Houston)


If you believe someone else’s carelessness led to your injury, you might be wondering what a lawyer can do for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of attorneys out there who have seen cases like yours time and time again, and can anticipate what questions you might have when moving forward. Here are five commonly asked personal injury lawsuit questions and their answers.

As Explained by an Attorney 5 Questions and Answers Regarding Personal Injury (Houston)

Question 1: What will my personal injury damages cover?

The impacts of a serious injury can turn your entire life upside down. Still, you’d be surprised by how detrimental even a less-severe injury can be to your comfort and finances.

Answer: There are various types of damages you can sue for. Of course, you have your medical bills, but also any wages you may have missed due to work absence. There’s also potential compensation for the loss of future work opportunities, and future medical care you may require. You may even have a shot at money for emotional distress and punitive damages.

Question 2: How big will my payday be?

Some people are worried about whether or not their suit is worth the hassle, or if a settlement would be large enough to change their lives long-term.

Answer: The truth is, you should be very wary of ever receiving a specific quote on how much money you’ll receive. You’ll never really know the answer until the case is well underway, or settled.

Question 3: The other party denies that my injury was their fault. Who will believe me?

It’s completely normal for a case to be one story up against someone else’s.

Answer: The right attorney is prepared for this. In fact, even if both stories line up, a thorough investigation can reveal details neither account included. Furthermore, your lawyer will have access to authorities who can testify, using their expertise to illustrate what the truth most likely is.

Question 4: Do I have to go to trial?

It’s no secret that a case like this can be time-consuming. You already have a lot to deal with – will you have to spend days on end in court as well?

Answer: Often, these cases do not make it to trial. You may find that you’re offered a satisfactory settlement during mediation. Ask your attorney what they believe the most reasonable route is for your unique case.

Question 5: How am I supposed to afford an attorney?

Medical bills and lost wages obviously mean you’re coming up short financially. There’s no way you can add a lawyer’s fee to the mix, is there?

Answer: The majority of personal injury attorneys understand that it may be impossible for someone sidetracked by an injury to come up with their fee. That’s why they usually work on contingency, so their pay comes out of your settlement.

In a just world, compensation would be swift and complete. But accidents that cause injury are often very nuanced, which is why an attorney develops a process for getting to the bottom of your case. With patience, capable representation, and a few answers to your most urgent questions, you can find peace within the process.


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