Quick and Easy 52 Week Savings Challenge


I figure with the New Year around the corner now is the perfect time for a challenge!  This one is pretty quick and easy: 52 weeks, 52 deposits and $1,378!

I know crazy right but by the end of the year you will have $1,378 saved up easily that you can use for whatever you need whether it be to splurge, pay your insurance, or for tuition.  I hope you enjoy my 52-week savings challenge, I will be starting it on January 1st, it is my secret to a stress free holiday season!

52 Week Savings Challenge

Quick and Easy 52 Week Savings Challenge

It is pretty simple all you have to do is make a deposit for the amount of whichever week of the year you're in and by the end of the year (52 weeks) you'll have an accumulated amount of $1,378.  I opened a no-fee savings account and set up automatic weekly savings deposits of $26.50/week which ends up being the exact same amount at the end of the year.

Great no-fee accounts I've found are:

  • Simple (US)
  • KOHO (Canada) get $20 with referral code JRWQNBSF
  • Tangerine (Canada) use referral code 44888828S1 for a $50 bonus

I hope you're going to join in on the challenge with us!  You can download your own copy of the 52 Week Savings Challenge Sheet and get your family to join in on the fun too!

There is a great feeling to watching your savings grow and it works great as an emergency fund for unplanned expenses.  I love making it automatic because I don't even notice the money coming out of my account anymore, it works perfectly for me.

52 Week Savings Plan Blank

If you want to do your own savings plan you can use this blank sheet and enter your own amounts to reach your goal. 52 Week Savings Challenge Blank Sheet.

Good luck with the savings challenge, I included the 365 penny challenge below that is a great way to start small!

What's your best tip to building a savings account?

New Year Penny hack


  1. Thank you so much there are very few blank 52-week challenge sheets out there I do have to say I don’t know if it’s my printer but everything that I have printed today with Orange on it has come out yellow and the words weekly challenge is not showing up so I tried to print it in black-and-white can’t seem to get that done either like I say I don’t know if it’s my printer or the site but I thank you very much this will help me big time ???

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