Traveling Can Warm the Heart


We decided to go back to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving!   I love packing up to leave and getting out of town to relax for a few days, the excitement is like being a little kid again.  The countdown of sleeps, to do list before you leave and then the drive to the airport comes and it is like time is standing still.  Who knew that traveling could bring so much excitement when it is all about hurry up and wait ;).

Traveling Can Warm the Heart

I was lucky enough this trip to sit on my own while Frank sat with the kids.  I can't tell you how nice that is not having to think or worry on the plane and just kick back and relax.  I sat beside the cutest little old lady that smelled like fresh ivory soap and reminded me of my Granny.  It was really comforting talking to her and listening to her stories about her grandkids and being independent since becoming a widow four years ago.  She still wore her wedding ring and she said it was to carry her husband with her everywhere she went.  This weekend was important to her because she would of been married 50 years and she was lucky enough to attend her nieces wedding in Las Vegas!

Can you imagine turning what could be a rough emotional weekend into a positive experience.  She reminded me that it is important to be thankful and always look for the silver lining!  Make the best of a difficult situation.  She truly was inspiring and  I am thankful for meeting her, what a perfect start to a vacation.  I know know that traveling can warm the heart!

Be open to experiences this weekend and spend time with those you love.

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