Which Toys Do You Really Need for Your Newborn Baby?


Congratulations! Either you or someone you are shopping for has just had a baby.  I have to admit I go into super Aunty mode when I get to shop for a new baby.  The best part is I can get all the baby cuddles but not the late nights, no sleep and Mommy brain.  But which toys do the most good for the new baby, and which ones are a wasted purchase?

Which Toys Do You Really Need for Your Newborn Baby?


Choosing the most essential toys for your brand-new baby means first understanding the developmental process.

  • From 1 to 3 months – baby is learning to live in the new surroundings. He will smile, raise his head, follow objects with his eyes and begin gripping. He may even try to grasp dangling objects and raise his hands to his mouth. The perfect gift would be a baby gym with bright colors!
  • From 4 to 6 months – babies are trying to manipulate things that they see. They are learning to use their hands and are becoming aware of their own voices. Babies will roll over from front to back, and babble incessantly. They will laugh spontaneously, sit up when supported and reach out to grab objects (like your hair).  An Oball Rattle will help promote and improve all of these behaviors.


A few other fun ideas include:

  • Soft cloth blocks are great purchases for newborns, even after they are a year old they will still squeeze, stack and play with them.
  • Small rattle balls are also great for the newborns and toddlers, sets that have several balls and produce different sounds are ideal . This helps children learn to discriminate between them, promoting sound localization, visual tracking and once again, fine motor skill development.
  • A set of plastic links are extremely affordable, and can be added to the baby gym. They can be used independently to drive fine motor skill development.


Whatever you choose just make sure it represents you and your personality.  I always look for something colorful, loud and fun so its like giving them a little bit of me too.

Happy shopping for the special newborn in your life!

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