Top Tourist Tips: Traveling to Whistler, BC


Whistler, BC is a popular destination due to amount of entertainment offered there, whether going during ski season or spending quality time with friends and family in summer months.  Moreover, it’s a top spot for people who live in the United States, especially the upper-western hemisphere; it’s easy to get to.

Top Tourist Tips: Traveling to Whistler, BC

Below you’ll find information related to getting to Whistler by car, bus, train, helicopter, and other modes of transportation.


Pacific Coach buses promise “worry free” accommodations and is the official transport service from Vancouver International Airport. offers fast and economical routes from Whistler and Vancouver, replete with on-board hosts, movies, and special packages for skiers and snowboarders.  Greyhound is a well-known transportation brand that can take you to Whistler Blackcomb at affordable fees.  Lastly, Perimeter Transportation is a favorite with large groups and families, and a service that pampers executive-class passengers with deluxe motorcoaches.


If you prefer trains and want to see the mountainside from a unique perspective, climb aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Whistler Sea to Sky Climb train.  In 3.5 hours, you’ll get from Vancouver to Whistler while the train passes oceanfront territory and gradually climbs the BC Coast Mountains.  Departures take place daily except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Rideshare saves time and money, so it’s convenient to survey a number of choices at hand.  Zipcar allows you to rent per day or by the hour, and is a great alternative for those who are otherwise thinking of renting or taking their own car along for the ride to Whistler.  Jack Bell Ride-Share accommodates travelers while saving money, time, and gas.  Moreover, you’ll be saving the environment while possibly meeting new friends along the way!  Lastly, PickupPal allows you to connect with other travelers online, so there is no awkward moments during the ride; you can get well acquainted before sharing the ride with other parties.


Some prefer to do things a bit differently, so if you’re one of those people who travel in style, you definitely want to explore the helicopter transfer option.  Fly over the majestic landscape at competitive rates, allowing highly-trained pilots to whisk you to the Whistler Mountain top.  Aside from the one-of-a-kind experience, riding by helicopter saves a lot of time versus other modes of travel.  Helicopter transfer can be booked by phone only, so call 1-888-403-4727 from anywhere in North America to check rates and availability.  Rates include van transportation to and from Whistler Heliport and the Resort (There is a landing fee associated with arrangements from the Vancouver Airport.)  Also, luggage restrictions apply, so be sure to discuss arrangements if traveling with a large number of family members.

Quick Tips

Don’t leave any questions unanswered and make no assumptions regarding added or hidden fees.  In some cases, one mode may seem more convenient when it comes to time, yet if you’re on a budget, you may choose to sacrifice more travel time in order to keep more money in your pocket.  Lastly, make sure all your passports and identification needs are in order.  The last thing you want is to run into impediments due to a lack of diligence on your part.  Enjoy your stay at Whistler, and more importantly, be sure to start your vacation early by choosing a relaxing and exciting mode of transportation!

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