Top Tips to Choose Your First Family Car


Why You Should be Shrewd When Shopping for a Family Car

Choosing your first family car is no small affair. With so many choices in the market today, the process can be very overwhelming and stressful.

Whether you’re looking for a large family sedan, people carrier, hatchback, estate or SUV, make sure the car meets your family needs and has high safety ratings. Here are top tips to choose your first family car:

1. Safety

The safety of your family comes first. When car hunting, choose a car that allows you to use ISOFIX fittings instead of car seat belts to install your car seats.

It is recommended that you use ISOFIX systems because they:

  • Have been tested and proven to be safe.
  • Reduce the likelihood of installing a child car seat incorrectly.

Additionally, choose a vehicle with a five or four-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. The Euro NCAP safety rating is based on an assessment in four important areas – child protection, adult protection, pedestrian protection and safety assistant technologies. You may also want to look for a car with high-tech safety features including child safety locks and windows, backup cameras and reverse sensors among others.

2. Choose the perfect size

Size is another important thing to consider when choosing your first family car. While babies don’t take up much room, their buggies, car seats and changing bags do. You, therefore, need a car with enough space in the boot to accommodate all the kid's items. However, this doesn’t mean you have to purchase the biggest car you find. Just find a balance since a big car is more difficult to park and may cost more to run.

The best thing to do is to buy the buggy first so you can try it out in the boot when viewing cars. Additionally, since kids in car seats love to kick, choose a car that has enough room between the front seat and their legs.

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3. Find a car that fits your needs

Some of the things to consider when choosing your first family car include:

  • Interior durability – with a toddler on board, you want auto upholstery that can handle spills, juice-box projectiles, and cookie crumbs. Choose a car with leather or vinyl cloth upholstery and carpeted flooring. The two are great options as they are durable and easy to clean – can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Fuel economy – families normally travel a lot. Consequently, choose a car with good fuel economy. When shopping for a family car, have the dealership tell you the fuel economy rating of the vehicles you are interested in.

Additionally, choose a car with family-friendly features including cup holders, built-in window shades or tinted windows, DVD players and compartments for baby wipes among others.

4. Buy or lease a car

Your family car may be the second biggest purchase you’ll make after your home. Therefore, don’t rush into the purchasing decision. Take your time, and if you’re not sure which car you want to purchase, leasing a car can be a great option.

With a leased car, you get to pay less a month than you would repaying a car loan. Additionally, you enjoy warranty coverage throughout the duration of the lease. If you’re looking to lease a family vehicle, be sure to visit a reputable car leasing company like Intelligent Car Leasing to get the best deals.


We hope these tips help you choose a car that is perfect for your family.

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