Three Things to Think About When Replacing Your Roof


When replacing your roof there are many things to consider but we are going to look at the top three things you need to think about.  Replacing your roof is a big task to take on and it is important to get all the answers you're searching for, especially when deciding on what roofing company to choose.  The roofing contractors in Macomb County, MI are full of knowledge and ready to answer your questions, let's take a look at what you can expect.

Trust a Professional Roofing Company

Choosing a roofing company that provides exceptional customer service, free in-home roofing consultation, financing, quick installation, and a leak-proof guarantee is important.  Now that you're thinking of what you're looking for in a roofing company it is important to take your home into consideration and what a roof replacement entails.

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Roof Design

When working with Macomb Roofers your new roof will be the envy of your neighbors!  They take pride ourselves on providing the highest quality roofs, roofing materials, and service in Macomb County Michigan.

When looking at your roof it is important to note the type of roof you have and the complexity of your roof.  Most homeowners’ roofs are a more simple design with a single pitch while others have multiple pitches and gables.  These factors along with materials being used will impact the cost and time of installation.

Seasoned roofing contractors such as Macomb Roofers are knowledgeable when it comes to roof design – they know the right questions to ask to get you started in the right direction.

Roof Support

Now that we've covered the basics of roof design it is important to consider the type of materials you'd like used for your new roof installation. If you want a traditional asphalt roof, those aren’t as heavy as slate or tile, which are heavier and require more support.

If you aren't sure what choice to make don't be afraid to ask your roofing specialist for recommendations.  They can take your budget and time constraints into consideration when giving advice. Every roof choice has pros and cons, whether you decide to go with slate, asphalt, metal or tile, it may need to be supported more and therefore be a little more complex design and installation process.

The roofing specialists in Macomb County, WI have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to provide you with the best roof possible in your neighborhood.

Roof Condition

When considering a roof replacement this is a major factor, here are a few questions you should consider before contacting a professional roofer:

  • Is your existing roof 15 or 20 years old?
  • Are shingles loose or missing?
  • Have you noticed any holes or leaks?
  • Are there noticeable signs of deterioration?

These answers will help decide what type of roof replacement you'll need.  If you’re doing a total rehaul and installation versus simply a re-roof (putting one roof over existing structure), that is a more complex project.


Macomb Roofers will start the roof replacement project with a free, no-obligation roofing estimate and inspection to determine what type of roofing project you need. Our roofing professionals are licensed, insured and bonded, so there are no worries about liabilities.  They are able to provide assistance when it comes to insurance claims and financing, making the whole process easier for you.

If you are in need of a roof replacement and want a company who puts their customers first, contact Macomb Roofers to set up your roof estimate and inspection.


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