Frugal Family Fun – 8 Hobbies That Won’t Make a Dent in Your Savings


It’s always fun to do things together as a family and having some hobbies that you all like to do is a great way of spending quality time together, but you might be worried about the cost of these activities.

There are plenty of family-friendly hobbies and activities that you can get involved with that won’t break the bank so here are some ideas for things that you can do on a budget, without resorting to discussing your debt as a reason for not taking up a new hobby.

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Turn off the TV and get outside

It can be all too easy to sit in front of the TV for hours at a time and that is a cheap activity, for sure, but so is getting outside and going on a family hike.

Hiking and walking are great activities that the kids often enjoy, especially if you turn it into a bit of an adventure and turn the walk into a nature trail or even a treasure hunt where you have to spot certain things like plants or animals along the way.

Make sure you take plenty of water and maybe even make a bit of a picnic for your backpack so that you can stop along the way and enjoy the fresh air and views while enjoying a cheap bite to eat.

Activities like hiking, walking, and biking are great fun for kids and there are plenty of opportunities to try different routes, plus the cost of this hobby is minimal.

Take a regular trip to the library

Encouraging everyone in the family to read more books is a real no-brainer as it is an activity that entertains and informs in equal measure.

It doesn’t have to cost you too much to take up reading as a hobby either, as you can often borrow free books from the local library or get cheap second-hand ones at a local market.

Even if the kids are still attached to their devices, you can get around that by encouraging them to download ebooks to read, often for free if you search for them.

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Teach some skills in the kitchen

Cooking and baking can easily be turned into a hobby if you get the kids involved in the kitchen.

Planning a meal or baking some cakes is an activity that kids love to get involved with and you can enjoy some quality time with each other having fun in the kitchen on a regular basis.

Encourage everyone to come up with new recipe ideas and challenges to keep everyone engaged and the bonus is that your kids will be learning some valuable life skills at the same time.

Have a weekly games night

The brilliant thing about board games is that many of them appeal to all ages and it is a great way to spend an evening together.

Set aside a regular night of the week to turn off the TV and play some board games and this new hobby will become a popular feature with everyone.

Search around for some old games at local thrift stores if you want to keep the cost down, but even if you buy a few new ones to try, the cost is not that much when you work out how many hours of fun you will be getting for your money.

Find your artistic side

Another hobby to try that doesn’t have to cost a fortune is arts and crafts.

You can often pick up cheap materials and you might discover that you have a hidden talent for painting or creating items out of different materials that you might even be able to sell to generate some extra cash.

There are loads of different activities that come under the general heading of arts and crafts and even if you don’t find yourself fully engaged with one activity, such as painting, there are plenty of other things to try amongst the family that might turn out to become a regular pastime that you all enjoy.

Learn how to play an instrument

The big drawback to learning how to play a new instrument like a guitar is the upfront cost of buying one to practice with but you can often borrow one if you ask around so that you can try before you buy.

If you decide that you like this new hobby you can often pick up a second-hand musical instrument for a reasonable price, which means that this is a hobby that can give you hours of entertainment for not too much money.

Get out in the garden

Another hobby that is literally right on your doorstep is gardening and it is something that the whole family can work together on.

You don’t have to have a huge amount of space to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs, and kids often get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when they see something they planted grow into something that they can enjoy in the kitchen.

If you are all going to take up gardening as a hobby it would be a good idea to try and give your children their own little section of the garden that they can take responsibility for.

Teaching your children how to take care of plants in the garden is another useful life skill and it is a hobby that dovetails nicely with your efforts to encourage them to get involved in the kitchen as well.

They haven’t found a way to charge for fresh air yet which means that there are plenty of outdoor hobbies and activities that you can do without costing you much money at all.

Even if you take up some of the suggestions for indoor activities, these are also budget-friendly options which won’t create too much of a dent in your bank balance.

That’s good news if you are one of the many families who want to spend quality time together with each other but have to watch your spending to keep within a tight budget.

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  1. I myself am more of a garden person but cooking always was also on my mind for a long time.
    Maybe i should give it a shot!
    Nice article 🙂

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