3 Getaways All Soon-To-Be Newlyweds Need to Plan


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3 Getaways All Soon-To-Be Newlyweds Need To Plan

Now that it’s official and the your wedding day has been set, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities you need to take care of. Before you get busy with everything, first take some time for the whole craze to sink in – the happiest day of your life is coming.

The craze will definitely be really hectic. And neither of you would like to be stressed-out and anxious. Make sure to make your lives as easier and more enjoyable as possible.

For example, you don’t need to go shopping for gowns – it might be easier to arrange this time-consuming task online.

Some couples may find the planning part overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be a negative experience.  Most important of all, you as the happy couple should start your lives off on the right foot by having a great pre-wedding period as well and enjoying yourselves.

And what’s the best way to relax for the big day? Either traveling or planning your travels. Here are three getaways that you absolutely need to organize:

1. Plan a Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Trip

This party is very special for both the soon-to-be bride and groom – the “last” time they get to party away with their friends. So, why not make it even more exciting?

Come up with some ideas to make this once in a lifetime party even more awesome.

It’s the maid of honor’s job to plan the bachelorette party. Don’t be cheap on this important night. Invite everyone who matters to you, but let your maid of honor think about your taste when planning the event, and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Would it impress you to fly everyone out to Vegas for the night? That might typically be a guy thing, but ladies love to drink and gamble and have a good time, too.

2. Plan A Short Weekend Getaway

On the other hand, if you both still seem stressed beyond belief, it’s probably best to take a step back and take some quality time to relax and calm down. Maybe you should plan a little getaway for the two of you.

It can be as simple as a B&B in a quaint little town far from home.

This will help you calm down, gain your focus once again, and relieve some of the stress and tension you’ve been feeling while planning the wedding.

These brief travel getaways can make a real difference.

3. Perfect Honeymoon

When you begin planning, you should first start thinking about the weather. If your idea of the perfect honeymoon is to bask in the sun in a resort such as Princess Royale, make sure you aren’t visiting it any bad whether or catch the rainy season.

Consider out of pocket traveling costs. You will need to pay for hotel and airfare, plus you’ll want to enjoy many fun and exciting activities, local cuisine at up-and-coming restaurants, and you’ll need transportation while you are traveling as well.

You need to consider all of these traveling costs and budget accordingly. That said, you need to set a budget so you and your soon-to-be spouse have enough money to pay for everything while traveling on your dream honeymoon!


Please use these three travel recommendations to your advantage to have the best time of your life planning and awaiting your wedding.

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