The Many Reason to Visit Sydney Australia


Australia travel is possibly one of the ‘best' in the world, although the best may mean a variety of things to different people, it's always a fact that visitors who travel to Australia have two common things on top of their list the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House.

While I think the greatest attraction of Australia is the natural beauty that creates a unique experience for every traveler. One can visit deserts, or water raft, or climb the rugged mountains, or sail the clear blue waters. There's always something to see and do whatever part of Australia is visited.  Let’s take a closer look at Sydney.

The Many Reasons to Visit Sydney, Australia

Australia's major and oldest city, Sydney Australia, is the capital of New South Wales. Internationally recognized as the shining star of the Southern Hemisphere, the “Emerald City” is one of the most eye-catching places on earth.

The City gives a blend of adventure for both the beach lovers and nature enthusiasts, with four national parks offering a fabulous ambiance giving the opportunity to picnic or simply explore.

Summer is the best time to visit Sydney, especially on the beaches, with over twenty beaches stretched along the oceanfront of the city, and several more around the harbor, giving you unlimited sun worshipping opportunities.

Sydney Australia night life

The City

The city itself is a blend of fun and excitement; when the sun sets it buzzes with al fresco cafes, dinner cruises and splendid scenery.  Take in sparkling theater production, opera, dance or pub entertainment.  A walk on the pier might also be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Best of all, unlike many other major cities,  Sydney provides good value for travelers; food and public transports are inexpensive, hotel rooms are far cheaper, and attractions are usually fairly priced,  making it one of the finest adventure and vacation destinations to be in.

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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Foremost on this area is a most celebrated landmark, the Sydney Opera House at Bennelong Point, which is home to Australia's theater, opera, and ballet companies as well as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.  Guided tours can be availed, and several restaurants are also located in the complex.

Walking across the opera house will lead visitors to another grand emblem, the Sydney Harbour Bridge; lying beneath it, is The Rock, which is a historic section of Sydney as the site of Australia's first colonial settlement in 1788 and home to vibrant characters, artists, and residents.

The Beaches

With numerous beaches to choose from we’ve narrowed it down to a couple choices for you:

  1. A must do in Sydney during the warm months is strolling the two-mile coastal path that shows the way to cliff tops through the pleasant Tamara Beach, then onto the magnificent Bronte Beach, where one can chill out with the Pacific's crashing waves.
  2. On Sydney’s northern coastline, Palm Beach is noted for its surf beach. Situated on a peninsula, the beach has stunning Pacific Ocean front expanses with a variety of swells, and there are gentler waters on the west of the peninsular at Pittwater.
  3. Australia’s most famous beach, Sydney’s Bondi Beach, is where Australian beach culture originated. This stunning beach which facets a golden sand beach well-known for its Speedo-dressed lifeguards and surfboarders.  Bounded by rocky points at either end its wide stretch of sand is dominated by the grand old Bondi Pavilion, built in 1928.
  4.  A two-hour drive south of Sydney is Kiama, where the beautiful Surf Beach offers a deep beachfront of pure white sand, gentle incoming waves, and an open park with cooking facilities and picnic areas. The beach is popular with families, and many visitors come to view the breath-taking Kiama Blowhole nearby.


There's nothing like visiting Sydney from man-made wonders to the finest of nature, in the biggest island of the world. Best of all, anytime is a great time for Australia travel, as the climate is generally agreeable the majority of the year.

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