3 Simple Strategies To Raise The Value Of Your Home


Shining diamonds, scintillating rubies, and lustrous gold are all coveted, valuable items, yet it's likely that the most valuable thing we own is our home. That is why it is worth looking after it as well as possible. Of course, if you could add to its value by using some simple strategies, it would certainly make sense to. Happily, this is a topic that you can read more about in my post below.

Increase square footage

Above all else, square footage is king when it comes to boosting the value of your home. That means extending the original floor plan and adding additional rooms is usually a smart strategy for increasing the value.

There are some caveats to this, however, and one is that the work is done professionally and to code, otherwise you could end up detracting from the value of your property.

The other is that whatever you do be sure to keep the space as flexible as possible. What this means is that feel free to have a board games room, meditation space, or even home cinema just don't add anything that is a permanent fitted fixture. Then when you go on to sell your home, the buyers won't have to pay extra from their own pockets to convert the space into what they want. Something that can help them see your extension as added value, rather than an added cost.

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Another simple strategy to add to the value of your home both regarding resale and the standard of living that you and your family can enjoy there is modernizing the place.

One way to do this is to ensure you have advance control of the temperatures of each room. To achieve this, you may choose to install air conditioning units. Although, it's always worth getting a quote from reputable ac companies before deciding who to hire. After all, there is no point paying over the odds, as this will come out of any profit you make after the sale.

Another possibility is installing underfloor heating in specific, or all the rooms. This can be a particularly good choice because it is a much more efficient and responsive method of heating certain spaces while leaving the ones that are not being used out. Something else that can be very attractive to potential buyers and so raise the asking price of your home.


Now, if you watch all the real estate shows you will know that the job of the buyer is to try and see beyond how the home they are viewing is already decorated, to what it could be if they bought and furnished it themselves. However, most people aren't very good at this, and that means it's worthwhile investing some money in beautifying your home.

You don't even have splash out on grand flourishes or expense items of furniture. In fact, most homes look best when freshly and simply decorated in neutral colors, and this is precisely what will appeal to buyers as well. Something that makes buying a few tins of white or magnolia paint a very worthwhile investment, if you are looking to add to the vale of your home.

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