The Disappearing Act – 5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter



I'm sure most of you who follow along on Facebook and Twitter probably noticed I did a little disappearing act this weekend.  I am happy to say I'm feeling a lot better today but that is after spending two solid days in bed resting.  I am thankful my husband was off this weekend because I don't think that I would be functioning today if he wasn't.

Sometimes when life gets busy we forget to take care of ourselves and listen to what our bodies need.  I thought that I was doing all of that but then Friday night came around and this Momma was bed ridden.  It got so bad I was even shaking, hot and cold sweats, and couldn't even hurl my body to get out of bed.  Can you say HELLO, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU NEED TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!  I obviously don't listen to my own advice but now I'm going to start doing it because 2 solid days in bed is not what I want to do anymore, don't get me wrong I FULLY enjoyed it but I would rather do it because I CAN not because I HAVE to.

I am happy to share a few tips I learned from a good friend on ways to improve my immunity and stay healthy this winter, of course we aren't doctors so always ask if this is right for you before making any of these changes!

5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

1. Oil of Oregano – a couple drops under your tongue goes a LONG way and is a powerhouse for immune boosting!!  I am adding it to my daily regime!

2. Vitamin C in capsules, liquid or powder, because they absorb better than tablets, and take the recommended dose on the package but if you start feeling sick I like to up my dose a bit

3. Vitamin D you can take 2000mg – 5000mg and is absorbed best WITH food, I use the drops and add it to drink that I have with my meal

4.  Water seriously take your recommended amount of water daily, you can go with the 8-8 oz glasses a day or do the equation of:

Your weight / 2 = ANSWER oz

An example:

100 lbs / 2 = 50 oz

So 50 oz would be your daily minimum if you were 100 lbs

5.  Don't starve yourself make sure you eat at least soda crackers.  My favorite is always junk food when I'm sick but hey at least I'm eating right!  Or if I am able to function I like to whip up a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup!

Do you have any tips to help us get through the winter months and stay healthy while doing it?  I'd love to hear them!

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