House Hunters, Beware! Red Flags To Avoid


Are you on the lookout for a new home? If so, there are certain red flag warning signs you should be wary of. Many of us aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and take on a bit of renovation work. But sometimes, a property may be beyond repair. If you take on these issues, you may end up spending a huge amount of money for very little in return. If you’re house hunting, here are some warning signs to avoid.

Sloping floors and leaning walls

You may think that uneven floors and quirky walls are twee, but think twice before you fall head over heels with a house that has sloping floors or leaning walls. These red flags can be a sign of structural weakness or subsidence. Subsidence is common in older homes, and it occurs due to weak foundations. In generations gone by, the foundations were much shallower than today’s homes, and therefore, movement is possible. Other signs include bulging and bowing walls. If you are thinking of buying an older home, which isn’t in pristine condition, always organize a survey first. Even an issue that looks fairly simple to correct could prove costly. If you’re willing to do the work, and you want the house, you may be able to use the additional cost as a bargaining tool and save money on the asking price.

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A damaged roof

When you’re looking around homes, always keep an eye out for potential repair jobs. Before you set foot through the door, have a look at the outside of the house. Can you see any loose or missing roof tiles? Are the gutters overflowing? Does the roof look old or new? Are there signs of previous repair work? It’s always a good idea to check with the vendor or the agent to see if and when roofing repairs have been carried out. Roofing issues can be relatively simple to resolve, but they can also be expensive. If you’re seriously considering a property, but you’re worried about the roof, have a look around for a firm that offers a free roof inspection service. If there are problems, you can get an idea of the cost, and the kind of work that is required before you proceed. If you’re interested in an old house, and the roof has fallen into disrepair, it may work out cheaper to replace the entire roof.

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A musty smell

If you’re looking at an old house that has been empty for a while, you’d expect it to smell a little musty. However, if you’re viewing a newer property, and there’s a distinctive odor, it may be a sign of damp. If you suspect a property may be damp, look out for patches on the walls and ceilings. It is possible to remedy this problem, but again, you’ll be incurring extra costs. In a new home, signs of damp should set alarm bells ringing. Damp is caused by excessive moisture, and it’s a problem that will only get worse with time.

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If you’re buying a new home, you don’t want a dream to turn into a nightmare. Keep your eyes peeled for these red flags!

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