The 13 Things You Need to Pack For Travelling When Pregnant


It’s time to start planning for your pre-baby holiday (a.k.a. babymoon) but where do you begin?

Start with packing. You’ll need to take a few extras to help your trip go more smoothly, so you can focus on getting some peace and quiet before your little one arrives. Here are the 13 things to take with you for pregnant travel.

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1. A doctor’s letter clearing you to fly

Staff have the right to stop you from boarding if they think your pregnancy poses a risk to the safety of the flight and/or its passengers, so having a letter from your doctor, dated 7–10 days before take-off, is helpful for all involved. The general cut-off point for flying while pregnant is 28 weeks, although make sure you check — rules vary from airline to airline.

If you’re thinking of going on a cruise you will also need a doctor’s letter, and you must be back before you reach your 24th week (most ships are not equipped to deal with premature births).

2. Prescription medication

Your health is of the utmost importance, so bring your medication with you. Keep the prescription with it, too, in case it needs to be checked by any officials or medical professionals.

3. Your maternity notes

Your maternity notes detail the history of your pregnancy. If you need medical attention at any point during your trip then having them on hand will speed up your treatment and recovery by a considerable amount and it may also save you having to give extra blood or urine samples.

4. Contact details for the local hospital

Chances are your trip will be trouble-free, but knowing you can get in touch with the local hospital will put your mind at ease. Keep a copy of the directions with you as well, so you know how to get there in case of emergency.

contact details of your local hospital(Photo by Lalitphat Phunchuang on Unsplash)

5. Contact details for people at home

We all need a break from home life from time to time. However, knowing you’ll be able to get in touch with family or friends if need be will be comforting.

6. Your travel insurance policy details

A good travel insurance policy will not only cover your pregnancy, but also any illnesses that have been caused by it. Be sure to notify your provider about all the medical conditions you have, or you could be faced with hefty medical bills should any treatment be needed.

7. Your passport

Most destinations require you to have at least six months’ validity on your passport after you leave the country. Look at your passport’s expiry date well in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

8. A travel pillow

Travel pillows are useful at the best of times and they’re particularly good for pregnant women. They can support your neck, cushion our back, and prevent any aches and pains, especially when you’re sitting down for a few hours.

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9. Antibacterial hand gel

Hand gel makes it easy to clean up if you haven’t got access to a sink, and it protects you and your baby from germs.

10. Comfy clothes

Light, loose layers will stop you from catching a chill if the air is cold, but you can easily take off the top layer if it’s warm when you arrive.

11. Flat shoes

Going on a beach holiday? Supportive open sandals will stop your feet from swelling. Sightseeing? Take trainers (or walking shoes if your destination is somewhere cold).

12. A refillable bottle of water

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy. Use a refillable bottle if possible, or buy bottled water if you’re not sure about the quality of the tap water.

13. Snacks

It helps to have food on hand in case hunger strikes. Dry food like crackers and biscuits will curb nausea, while fresh or dried fruit will keep your blood sugar levels stable.

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