3 Reasons to Go On Vacation Every Year (And How to Make it Work)


Vacations are an important part of life for people who work hard (and who doesn’t?). However, if you live in one of many parts of the developed world, you are likely one of many who doesn’t go on vacation as often as you should. We’ll talk here about why vacations are important, and various ways to make a holiday like this happen for you and your family each and every year.

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Why Vacations Are Important

Vacations are important because they let you decompress after many months of doing your normal routine. You may not feel burned out per se, but people report having a lot more energy and the ability to be more productive after taking a few days off from a primary activity.

Vacations also let you reconnect with the people you love in a mode that isn’t the daily grind. If you have a long-term significant other, for example, it may be that in the daily routine of work and kids you only have time to interact with each other in intense situations. Taking time to laugh and relax with your significant other is a vital aspect of having a relationship that lasts.

One of the little-discussed points of vacations, as they pertain to families, is the way vacations show your kids that you can create a goal and accomplish it. It costs money to go on holiday, and it takes planning to fit it into your schedule. One of the reasons Americans don’t go on vacation so often is because they simply haven’t prepared well – not that they absolutely could not afford to do so. Going on vacation also demonstrates to children a healthy example of work/life balance.

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How to Make Affordable Vacations Happen

Still, vacations are expensive, no matter how much they are important. If you want to go on vacation every year, you won’t be able to splurge on the most expensive option each year. Here are some ways to make it work.

  1. Do a Staycation or Rent Locally. A staycation is a time when everybody takes a step back from their normal routine and decides to do local activities (or just rest) without staying outside of the home. If you truly need a change of scenery, consider the possibility of renting an AirBNB, which can be affordable and refreshing.
  2. Go Into Nature. If you want to avoid all of the costs of tourist traps, go somewhere there isn’t business. Rent a cabin or get a cheap rental near a beach. Nature gives you instant fun things to do, without breaking the bank.
  3. Go With Friends. Rent a big house or timeshare (DVC Resales) with friends, making a vacation affordable to all. Hang out sometimes, and have split time others. You may like it if you know the right people.

There are plenty of reasons to go on vacation, and ways to make it happen. Think about the above and try to schedule a great vacation for 2018 if you don’t have the time to do so while it’s still 2017.


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  2. I was a lot of stress when I was finishing my thesis. Then one of my friends suggested I take a break from all of the things I’m doing. I did not know that a vacation would help that much! Anyways, thanks for sharing this. Cheers!

  3. I reason if you can afford a vacation each year, you must take it.

    Makes sense and helps with good well being.

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