Termite Prevention Tips


This year, homeowners will unknowingly host millions of houseguests with insatiable appetites. These pesky intruders turn up uninvited and threaten to eat their hosts out of house and home.  But unlike rowdy relatives who loudly overstay their welcome, these ambitious guests will invade quietly, maintaining a hidden lifestyle and thriving unnoticed for many years.

The pests are termites, a menace to any homeowner.  Termites may be silent, but they never sleep; their colonies are active day and night, feasting on anything made of wood, plants or cotton.  They attack structures of all types, forcing homeowners and business owners to spend billions each year on termite control.

When should I be on high alert?

In the spring, warm weather signals the onset of swarm season.  This is when termite colonies grow rapidly and termite queens can lay eggs every 15 seconds.  Crazy right!

FACT: Termites travel far from their colonies in search of wooden food sources and can invade any home even those covered in brick or stucco and cause significant household damage.

How can you detect signs of termite invasion?

Watch for signs such as pencil-sized mud tubes along brickwork or concrete, distorted areas of paint on wood surfaces and hollow-sounding wood.  Unfortunately, most invasions are invisible to untrained eyes, if you're in doubt contact a licensed professional to come see if you're suspicions are correct.

A few termite prevention tips that can help:

  • Close-up entry points. Did you know termites can sneak through cracks as small as 1/64 of an inch?
  • Elevate firewood piles and move them away from the house
  • Eliminate moisture, which is essential to termite survival especially in basements, crawl spaces and near plumbing
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear and trim siding or stucco at least two inches above soil level


For more information, and to help you discover if you have a termite infestation, visit pestkilled.com/how-to-get-rid-of-termites/


  1. I do agree on your tips. You have to watch out for those pencil-sized mud tubes. It’s a clear sign that there are termites inhabiting the small spaces in your homes. They are very active and can multiply to a mass amount in a short time.

  2. Penelope Smith on

    I hate termites and I don’t want them anywhere near my home. I like that you pointed out that I should keep wood away from my home. Also, it might be smart to get a professional to spray for them as well.

  3. termite control on

    An inspection for termite activity can use a number of different techniques including visual inspection, moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras.

  4. Ipswich termite treatment on

    As prevention is better than cure. When dealing with termite infestation always a strong solution is recommended to avoid relapse of infestation.

  5. pettypestcntrlsvs on

    Termites are horrifying kinds of insects as they can really destruct your home once you’ll leave then unattended. In addition to your termite prevention you can also apply some spray which is organic base that might as well help you in preventing them in your respective homes.

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