4 Fall Fashion Must Haves


It's that time of year when we pack away our flip-flops, summer dresses, tank tops and shorts. This makes some people sad since summer fashion is absolutely adorable but don't fret, there are some amazing fall fashion items out. Remember when it comes to fall fashion, layering is key!

4 Fall Fashion Must Haves

4 Fall Fashion Must Haves

I like to make things simple when it comes to getting dressed and out the door so a few of my fall fashion must haves are:

Boots: Boots are a fall fashion must have! A cute pair of boots can complete any fall look you put together. There are so many different styles of boots on the market right now, picking one is probably impossible. If possible get different colors (brown & black) under the pants boots and slouch boots to wear over jeans.


Fringe Fest Scarf in Lilac
Scarves: A cute scarf can make even the simplest outfits come alive. The best part about scarves is they are affordable and you can mix and match then with almost any outfit. You can change-up the whole look of your outfit by adding a scarf.


On the Horizon Line Sweater
Sweater Dresses: This fall make sure you have a least one or two sweater dresses. A sweater dress is a must have during the fall season. These dresses look great with a cute belt and a pair of boots. You can also wear your sweater dress to Thanksgiving dinner or any other festive fall parties.

lulu wunderunder yoga pant

Hoodies & Yoga Pants: The fall mornings are much cooler than summer mornings. During the summer it was easy to run out early in the morning with a tank top and shorts on. During the fall months you might be a little cold trying that. Make sure to have a few cute hoodies and yoga pants on hand. This makes for a cute and very relaxed outfit when you need to run your morning errands.


What is your must-have fall fashion item?


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