5 Tips to Remember When Creating a Kid Friendly Backyard


Can’t get your kids to leave the house? They don’t have any interest in the space you have provided them with? Maybe it is time to change it up a bit and give them a play space they will love and cherish. Follow these five easy tips to bring your kids outside.

 five easy tips to bring your kids outside

Bringing the Kids Outdoors

It’s difficult to get your kids outside these days when they have so many indoor entertainment devices. Your best option is to take the indoors outdoors. Let’s face it, your kids aren’t going to like it if you take their iPads and tell them to go play outside, but if you take the things they love outside then they are sure to follow, and getting them outside is just the start. Taking a projector outside and playing a movie is a great way to help them to start appreciating the great outdoors. Eventually, given the right conditions they will go out to play without you having to coax them.

Build Some Play Equipment

To encourage outdoor play you can set up play equipment. Kids love having things to play on. Anything from a swing set to a sandbox is going to entertain them. You can build most things on your own without too much difficulty, and getting your kids to give you a hand will help excite them about playing with it. A sandbox is an easy to build solution for hours and hours of fun. But you have to remember that with sand comes mess. Slightly more difficult, but far less messy, is the cubby house. If the cubby house is too much of a construction challenge, you might be surprised to learn that professional builders like the people at Additions Building (click here to view their page) often take on small projects like cubby houses.

Remove Hazards

Children need wide, open, and especially hazard free, spaces to play in, so it is important to remove anything that could be a potential hazard to their safety. Make sure not to leave any tools within reach of the kids, keep them locked up in a garden shed or the garage. Level out the play space so it is nice and even, removing potential tripping hazards. The more open their space is the safer they will be and the more fun they can have.

Say Goodbye to you Cactus

When you have adventurous kids you need to consider what kind of plants you can have in your backyard. Kids will crash through plants when they are running, kick balls through them and throw all kinds of things into them. It’s best to avoid having any fragile plants when they are put under so much stress, a nice flower bed probably isn’t going to last long. You also need to think about how hazardous a plant may be. Thorns, spikes and sharp edges are only going to create tears, so best to remove any plants that have them.

Use Your Space

Make the most out of the space you have. Think about different ways you can use or transform your backyard to fully utilise its potential. Keep the kids play area separate from the cooking or entertaining area, mixing them will constrict your space and make the area feel cramped. Take a look at what space you have in your yard and think about what you could do with it, where you might be able to move things or where you can add or take away other things.

After looking through these easy tips your backyard will become your child’s favourite room in the house.

What else can you do to make your backyard kid friendly?

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