Soccer Mom Autos: 4 Best Vehicle Types for Growing Families


There's nothing easy about being a parent. As soon as you welcome your new bundle of joy to the world, your life will change dramatically. You have to find the right home in the right neighborhood with good schools and parks. You also have to find the right vehicle that can accommodate children and all that they come with.

That includes strollers, car seats, and then eventually sports equipment as they start to play soccer, basketball and baseball. You may have promised yourself that you'd never be a soccer mom in a minivan, but never say never. Here are four vehicle types that are best for growing families.

Minivans You'll Love to Be Seen In

Minivans get a bad rep with soccer moms who don't want to fall into the stereotype. If you've been steering clear of minivans because you don't want to be labeled just a mom, you should really get inside of a newer model and see everything that a minivan has to offer. Some of the most technological cars today are minivans.

The best things about minivans is that they have refined ride handling and a flexible interior layout that's roomy and customizable. Most of the top-ranked minivans available at car dealerships in St. George and around the country have second and third-row seating. The seating can fold down and make room for all of the gym bags and bikes that you have to tote around. Not to mention, there's innovative storage areas great for baby supplies.

A Modern Station Wagon

If you're thinking about the old station wagons that Clark Griswold used to drive around on National Lampoon's Vacation, think again. Modern station wagons, which go simply by the term wagon, are a great option for smaller families who want to enjoy the handling of a sedan and the interior cargo capacity of an SUV. Perhaps the biggest difference between a wagon and an SUV is the ride height, which is still very accommodating for the little ones.

A Flexible SUV

An SUV is built on the chassis of a truck. If you're looking for a vehicle that can accommodate your kids and also tow recreational vehicles that you need for your camping trips and excursions, an SUV is ideal. Most parents don't want to own trucks, no matter how big, when they are putting a car seat in and out of the car. With an SUV, you can enjoy the performance of a truck but the spacious interior of a minivan. Many SUVs have third and fourth row seating options depending on the model that you select.

The More Compact Crossover

Crossovers and SUVs are very similar but they are built on different types of frames. If you don't know what a crossover is, you probably can't pick out an SUV from a crossover on the lot without looking up information online.

Crossovers and SUVs have similar body types, but the crossover is built on a car frame and not a chassis. These models tend to be more compact, more fuel efficient, and easier to drive than the SUVs that use the body-on-frame construction method.

You never really know which type of vehicle will suit you best until you get behind the wheel of the car and see how it handles and how spacious the interior is. When you pick the right model, it will grow as your family grows for at least the next 5 to 10 years. You need to schedule yourself a test drive at a reputable dealership in your area and you'll get all the help that you need to find the perfect car.


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