Simple Tips to Clean Your House in Record Time


The holiday season usually means last minute company.  I don't know about you but during the winter when we spend more time inside the house seems to be a little messier than usual.  Sometimes putting off cleaning is simply because it seems like it will take hours to actually see the floor ;).  Luckily it won't take an entire weekend or even an entire day to clean the house.

Simple Tips to Clean Your House in Record Time

Here are my top tips and tricks to get the job done fast and keep it that way!

Simple Tips to Clean Your House in Record Time

Simple Tip 1 – Pick a spot

For me that overwhelmed feeling begins when you look at the big picture – the chaotic state the house is in.

Breaking the task up into small bits makes it easier to manage.  Don't look at the whole house or even the entire room, pick a corner or area and start there.  Maybe you could straighten up the bookshelf, recycle the stack of papers in the corner or find a bin to put the toys in.  Slow and steady wins the race!

Simple Tip 2 – Schedule it

If you were being paid to clean your home, and you were paid more for less time, wouldn't you do a good, fast job?

Schedule your housecleaning time as you would a paying job, and take it just as seriously. This will also help prevent that tendency we all have to simply wait until we have time…someday.  Need somewhere to start?  I love my weekly cleaning checklist!

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Simple Tip 3 – Make it fun

Crank the music and dance!  By taking your mind off the cleaning and doing something fun at the same time, the cleaning will be over before you know it!  And using my new best friend the Dyson V6 Absolute also helps a little!

What I love about my new Dyson is the power head is amazing, it gets right down to the dirt and sucks it up!  And since I have crazy allergies and two dogs in the house the two filters get rid of all the dander lying around.  Sometimes being an adult is fun, especially when you get new toys (even if they are for cleaning).

Simple Tip 4 – Keep things within reach

I purchased a little caddy from the dollar store that I keep all my cleaning supplies in so they're with me when I need them.  This also helps save time because I don't have to gather all my cleaning supplies before I start, they're already waiting for me!  Here are some homemade cleaning supplies I love:

DIY Cleaners


Simple Tip 5 – A place for everything

If everything has a place then cleaning is a lot easier.  Toss the magazine, books, papers and other various items lying around into baskets.  What I love about baskets is they look nice on shelves, on top of furniture or even under a coffee table.  Keeping a basket in each room will give you the ability to clear of a room of clutter quickly without too much thinking!


What's your simple tip to clean your house in record time?

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