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Getting up and ready for school always seems to be a slow process in our house.  Every morning seems to be the same thing, I start off nicely waking Cheyenne up at 7 but she doesn't actually come to life until 15-30 minutes later; luckily she hasn't missed the bus this year, it rolls out at exactly 8:08 every morning.  I've tried waking her up earlier and getting her to bed earlier but nothing seems to work.  When Philips approached me to try the Wake-Up Light for 30 days I figured why not!  So here we are!

Philips Wake-up Light Challenge

Philips Wake-Up Light Challenge

The challenge – use the Philips Wake-Up Light for 30 days and share my experience.

Simple enough right?  I know that the less yelling and more coffee drinking I can do in the morning makes my day that much better.  Our bedtime and wake-up routines just got a whole lot easier!

So how does the Philips Wake-up light work?

The fun part about the wake-up light is you can use it to go to sleep or wake up, which is great for Frank when he's on night shift.  The light gradually increases from dawn reds through warm orange to bright yellow light 30 minutes before the alarm time.  This signals the body to move from sleep to waking, from natural wake-up light progression.  At the chosen time, a natural sound, or favorite radio station, starts playing to make sure you are awake.

Philips Wake-up Light Features

You are probably wondering what exactly the Wake-up Light can do, here are a few of the product features

  • Redshift, simulated sunrise starts with red to yellow
  • Glass-like appearance
  • LED technology
  • Tap to snooze feature
  • Five natural wake-up sounds (Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano and Seaside Sounds) and FM radio
  • Dimming light and sound to send you gently off to sleep
  • Twenty brightness settings also allow the Philips Wake-up Light to be used as a beside or tabletop lamp

I can't wait to share our results!  The light surprised me when we were setting it up to try out, I didn't know a light could be that bright.  The light quickly found a new home on Cheyenne's makeup table.  She'll be using it to go to sleep and wake up with the bird sounds because she said it reminds her of camping in the summer; what a fun memory to wake up to.

Philips Wake up Light

Fun fact – it has been clinically proven that the Philips Wake-up Light improves your general well-being after waking up.

  • 92% of users say that Wake-up Light wakes them up pleasantly*
  • 88% of users say that Wake-up Light is a better way to wake up than how they did before*
  • 92% of Philips Wake-up light users find it easier to get out of bed**

*(Blauw Researach 2008, N=477 users) **(Metrixlab 2011, N=209 users)

Cheers to happy morning and enjoying a cup of coffee!

Stay tuned for our results from the Philips Wake-up Light Challenge.

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