Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset Review


Playing shopkeeper is an age-old tradition among children, and the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset adds color and sophistication to this timeless roleplaying game. Children aged 5 years and up will love collecting dinky little toys in the Shopkins series and enjoy hours of fun with creative storytelling, social play, and trading with friends.

Features of the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset

This is no ordinary fashion boutique! It’s instead a fashion boutique with a unique Shopkins twist:

  • The set comes with four Shopkins collectibles and four Shopkins handbags. There is no chance of a double up since these are exclusive to the playset.
  • You get arrive in style at the boutique by sliding down a slide! If only real life shopping was more like that!
  • It has an exciting spiral elevator that takes you to the next level to look for more Shopkins treats.
  • There’s plenty of room for Shopkins treasures. The boutique is packed with colorful shelving units, drawers, and display areas.
  • You can set up your boutique any way you like. The slide, shelving units, and drawers can be rearranged in lots of different ways, keeping the display fresh and fun.

Is the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset Worth Buying?

Shopkins is the next big thing for little girls aged 5 to 12. And parents of Shopkins fans know that only the real thing will do – no “Made in China” counterfeit can rival the details found in this set. The toys are not only well-made, they also offer some educational and developmental value too. When playing with this set, children will learn social negotiation skills and even develop fine motor skills.

The cute features and extra surprises also go a long way in delighting little collectors. Cheyenne and her friends spend hours arranging their Shopkins wares.  I think the detail and fact that they can use their imaginations is great because kids grow up so fast nowadays it is hard for them to hold on to that.

As a parent, I love the ingenious storage compartments for keeping a Shopkins collection together, ensuring that no precious piece is lost.


Shopkins has done it again with yet another winner. The Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset is perfect for hours of fun and storytelling, and will make a treasured gift.

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