Luxury Suitcases That Last a Lifetime


If you travel regularly, you probably care a lot about the suitcases you have to use. You need cases that are lightweight and comfortable to carry around, spacious and easy to pack, great looking, resilient and secure. For your airline carryon bag, you expect even more. You need it to make the absolute best use of the space the airline will grant you, and be full of innovative solutions that make it easier to get things like your laptop through security fast, and to access the things you need on the flight without having to rummage through the whole case.

Luxury Suitcases That Last a Lifetime

Another thing you'll really want from your luggage, is longevity. To get the practicality you need as a regular traveller, you often need to invest in high end luggage, and with that, as well as style, you expect the cases to last for decades. Here are some great brands for luxury suitcases that you can potentially rely on for every trip you make for the rest of your life!

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is a luxury luggage brand with true heritage, and lots of celebrity admirers. With the classic look of their luggage, it certainly won't go out of fashion, and this brand offer an actual lifetime warranty to ensure you get a lifetime of use out of their products. Simply register your purchase with Briggs & Riley, and you'll be able to send your case back for repairs and maintenance should it ever need it – even if any damage done to it was the airline's fault. For smaller damage, they can also send you out a free maintenance kit under your warranty so you can repair it yourself if you don't want to send it away.


Would you expect anything less than excellent build quality from luggage designed by the same people who made the iconic Swiss Army knife? Victorinox are an accessory brand with incredible heritage, and their expertise in engineering that has led to them being the manufacturer of those versatile little red pocket knives for over a century has been put to good use in creating some of the best designed and most resilient luggage out there. Victorinox also have a great warranty, and when you buy one of these cases you can be certain it is going to be the start of a long relationship with lots of trips together!


Rimowa was one of the first brands to consider materials used in aviation in the design of their cases. Their aluminium and polycarbonate cases are designed to pick up dents and scratches – that is actually part of their charm – but you don't have to worry at all about the things inside or about the case's actual integrity. A Rimowa case is supposed to be used for a lifetime of trips, so that by the end, every little scratch and bump tells the unique story of your own travel adventures.

These are three suitcase brands that really excel when it comes to longevity, and are well worth checking out!

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