Safe and Efficient: The 5 Best Family Vehicles of 2017


Families require a special degree of support when it comes to driving and transportation. You need to have a vehicle that is not only efficient, but safe. Here we’ll discuss five of the best family vehicles on the 2017 market that will meet your family’s standards.

Honda CR-V

This Honda model is a complete redesign of the traditional two-row SUV. The floors in the vehicle are adjustable. They can be lowered or raised according to your cargo needs. When you’re packing suitcases or extra equipment, roll back the seats and enjoy just the right amount of space for your luggage and riders. Multiple airbags are mounted on three different angles in the vehicle to ensure the best defense against a collision for its passengers. The CR-V also features a technology that makes lane changing suggestions and senses hazards in the front and rear of the vehicle.

Toyota Highlander

Findlay Auto with car dealerships in St. George has found the Highlander to be a revolutionary vehicle that surpasses 2017 standards. The three-row SUV can fold its second and third rows virtually flat to create a plethora of cargo space for those special trips. The rows can be accessed from the front dash, so the driver has full control of the vehicle both inside and out. With 5 USB ports throughout the interior and a Blu-Ray player with a 9-inch deluxe screen, the Highlander is not only efficient but entertaining as well. Enjoy the full package, along with safety features like adaptive cruise control and collision sensors.

Chrysler Pacifica

For the families who like to take the path of a minivan, the Pacifica is likely the best contender of the year. In fact, Chrysler’s new minivan is so advanced from its older counterparts that the company retired the name “Town & Country” in exchange for “Pacifica”. The advanced infotainment system can be hidden discreetly within the dash to complete the sleek all-around look of the interior. The captain’s chair and front-passenger seat can be removed along with the anchored seats of the second and third rows for easy cargo hauling. Chrysler’s Pacifica is rated superior in safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety with or without optional cargo features.

Kia Soul

Compact cars are becoming a staple for modern families because of their ability to perform big car tasks at a smaller scale. The Kia Soul is no exception to this, with 201-horsepower, making it one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. Technology-wise, the Kia is pre-installed with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, making it a mobile computer on the go. With wide seat space and advanced 360° safety sensors, the Soul eliminates some common discomforts usually associated with driving such a compact vehicle.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Kelley Blue Book lists current hybrids as being poised to take over our system of traditionally fueled cars. The 2017 market of this class proves to be like no other. With 182 horsepower, the Hybrid’s efficiency across multiple fuel outlets doesn’t sacrifice power. It’s agile, smart, and one of the best combinations of sedan space and 21st century technology available. 43 mpg highway don’t let you run short on your vehicles productivity, and Apple Car Play comes pre-installed. US News gives the 2017 Malibu Hybrid a 9.7 out of 10 safety rating.

Evidently the 2017 market is competitive, sleek, and focused on getting you and your family to your destination safely and effectively. Across multiple vehicle classes, car manufacturers have answered the calls of families who can’t afford to sacrifice the best of one world for another, and our list proves it.

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