4 Fun Family Toys To Keep Everyone Entertained This Summer


4 Fun Family Toys To Keep Everyone Entertained This Summer

Summer vacation can quickly become boring if you do not make any attempt to have some fun. Rather than idle the hours away watching TV or playing on your smartphone, make the most of your summertime with these four exciting and entertaining family fun toys.

Flickin' Chicken Lawn Game

When you want to enjoy some time outdoors with your family while getting some exercise, you may find the lawn game Flickin' Chicken to be well suited for this purpose. This game involves throwing rubber chickens at a target.

The chickens bounce and roll, making it a challenge for any player to hit the target and win the game. The game itself does not have any official rules. You and your family members have to make up your own rules about throwing the chickens and scoring.


Summertime is the time to enjoy fishing, swimming, and other water fun. Head out to your favorite watering hole with a pontoon designed for types of open water activities. Before you decide to take it out however, it’s important that you make sure everything is operating smoothly and up to date. Consider replacing old parts of seats with replacement products like those found at Pontoon Stuff.

Oversized Yard Bowling

Who wants to pay the high price of bowling and renting shoes when you could set up your own yard bowling game at home? With an oversized yard bowling set, you and family members of all ages can spend time together and have fun knocking down pins with the inflatable bowling ball.

This set also deflates and can be folded up for easy storage. It is a great family fun set for outdoor parties, summertime holidays like the Fourth of July, or spending weekends with your kids.

Personalogy Family Game

When it is too hot or stormy to go outside, have fun with your family indoors with the Personalogy card game. This game revolves around four categories of questions including Kids Say the Darndest Things and Family Dinner Conversations.

It invites hilarity and whimsy while also letting you discover new details about your loved ones. The game comes in its own box so that you can store the cards and game pieces safely.


Summertime is the season for families to spend time together and have fun playing games. Avoid summertime boredom and keep your vacation exciting and entertaining. Enjoy your summer to the fullest with these four amazing family fun toys.

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