Being Proactive Is The Key To A Maintained Home


Looking after the family home can be seriously stressful business! Who needs the hassle? With meals to plan, kids to feed and a job to work then the last thing you want to be worrying about is the family home.

Homes, no matter how solid the foundations, do face issues, though! Parents know better than to take their foot off the gas and that goes to the family home as well! It needs care to keep in top shape.

The best way to solve issues with the home is to fix them the second they occur. Small issues can quickly develop into serious problems. Big problems in the home can tear apart your finances, security, and happiness very quickly. Educate yourself on basic maintenance and don't be afraid to spend when issues occur as it is going to save you a lot of money and stress down the line.

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The roof is a part of the house that needs our attention. Taking the time to check out the roof for sags, leaks and broken roof tiles is worth a lot of money to you. Replacing damaged roofing costs a lot less than a total roof replacement, so act upon the sight of an issue rather than waiting for something to develop. A sagging roof is a big sign of water damage to a property, so get it sorted.

Standing water is a huge problem, and if it is close to the house, it could lead to mold and rot invading your home. If pools of water are gathering near your property, pay for it to be checked out by a professional as you may have a drainage issue that needs to be remedied and resolved before it affects the foundation of your home.

Dirt and dust are unwanted visitors, but are easy to handle. You simply need to ensure your home is regularly cleaned, so dust doesn't settle. Wipe your surfaces, polish tables, and vacuum carpets every so often so that your home isn't home to dirt. Be proactive with cleaning and you'll have less issues in the home, it's a hassle – but would you want to live with settling dust?

Mold is another hated guest and links heavily to water. Mold can be expected by home owners in the bathroom and kitchen, but if it appears in the lounge or bedroom, it could hint at a larger problem. Some spots of mold and damp can be tackled by yourself with ready-made sprays, but more sinister occurrences of mold need to be inspected by the right people as they could be seriously dangerous. Mold can be bad for your health and if there is a large, seeping patch of black mold – pay for it to be removed.

The gutters of our homes are so very underrated and act as the first line of our property's defenses against water. Gutters ensure that water runs away from your roof and away from the property. This does mean that rocks, leaves and other bits of debris will clog your gutters as they are exposed. If water can't escape your property, it can lead to buildups and leaks. Cleaning a gutter is easy and just takes a ladder, so get right to it. If your gutters are up on high, make sure to pay a professional and don't risk your personal safety. Gutter guards might seem attractive, but they make it much harder for you to clean your gutters and can actually stop them from fully serving their purpose.

Plumbing is a huge problem in many houses and plumbing issues can turn into absolute disasters in a matter of seconds. Bath and shower leaks can ensure that ceilings collapse and invite damp into the home. Some leaky taps can be fixed with a wrench and strong elbows, but big issues need to be tackled by a professional plumber before the turn into major hazards in the home. That being said, having the basic knowledge of plumbing issues will ensure that you can fix almost everything to do with the pipework in your home. Drains do experience blocking from time to time, and there are plenty of home remedies to blocks such as baking soda and vegetable oil cleanses, but a serious drainage problem will need to be handled by a professional hand! Leaks in the bathroom can lead to structural issues, and if the ceiling below a leak doesn't sag and break, the floor on the level of the leak will warp and bend. Keep an eye out for this.

Speaking of pipes, one major issue with homes is weakening pipework. Pipes can be torn apart by rust and weather, and in the case of rust, this can cause your water supply to be contaminated on a small scale. If you spot issues with pipes, replace them or reinforce them. The weather can freeze pipes that lack insulation, and the best that can happen here is a delay in water flow. The worst case scenario is when pipes burst due to expansion from heat/cold and your water supply. This will stop your homes water supply for good until a repair is carried out. Be proactive when you notice a cold snap and protect your poor pipes!

Pests are of course yet another occasion of an unwanted visitor in the home and can cause huge damage. From rats eating away at the cables in the home to termites destroying your dry walls – pests can be a pain and not just in the creepy way! Pests can be toxic and harmful to many people and it pays for a professional to check them out. Plenty of guides do exist for each type of pest – from cockroaches to mice – so if you can handle it, do so as this problem might not go away on its own.

As you might see, there are two simple ways to deal with household issues – be proactive and call the professionals. It's not hard work and small issues can turn into huge ones, so get it all sorted and keep your home exactly that. A home.

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