Picture Keeper Connect is Perfect for Busy Families


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We are busy!  Especially when the weather gets nice, we can head out on a day trip to a lake or hiking into a waterfall.  Being an active family also comes with not much downtime, and that means I rarely get to download my photos and make room for more.  I’ve found a simple solution that doesn’t need wifi or data and easily creates more room on your phone or tablet in minutes.

Picture keeper is Perfect for busy families

Picture Keeper Connect

Meet Picture Keeper Connect – it backs up photos, videos, and contacts from your phone, tablet or computer with a simple flash drive.  You can start your backup in under five minutes, and that includes opening the package!

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the PK Connect app (iOS or Android) no download needed for computers just click start backup!
  • Create an account (only needs to be done at first use)
  • Connect the Picture Keeper Drive
  • Start your backup!  The app will search for new files since your last backup, or you can select just what you want the app to move to the drive.
  • Before you eject the Picture Keeper Connect hit the Remove Files from iPhone button to free up space on your phone!

It goes without saying don’t unplug the Picture Keeper Connect during the process.  On my first backup I had 1809 files, it took about an hour to backup all my photos, videos and contacts. After the download completes you can manage your files easily and delete, keep, restore or transfer to another device as you please.

Picture Keeper Connect Backup

Tip – for the first backup make sure your phone is fully charged as you won’t be able to plug it in during the transfer process.

In the box you’ll find the flash drive, instruction manual and a micro-USB cable for Android devices. The Picture Keeper Connect has a 30-day guarantee, a 1-year warranty  and comes in three different storage sizes:

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You can also purchase a Desktop Backup Picture Keeper, but it doesn't have the capability of backing up your phone.  I like the option of using it on my phone, tablet or computer; it works great for travel or when you just need a little extra room on your device.

Picture Keeper Desktop

Using the Picture Keeper Connect you can easily open it up on your desktop and email photos directly to friends or share them on Facebook!  The app is right on the flash drive, so no need to download anything just plug it into the USB drive.  A neat feature of the desktop app is you can backup your email attachments and Facebook images as well.  You can also set up a backup reminder for your account, which is perfect if you’re forgetful like me!

Take your photos one step further and create beautiful prints, photo books, stickers, poster, tote bags and the list goes on.  I like how you can create the items right from your phone or desktop using your images a great feature built into the app.

Picture Keeper Connect

My final thoughts on the Picture Keeper Connect:

Would I purchase this for myself?  Heck yes! I do use an online backup, but that requires wifi or data, and that isn’t always possible.  When we’re camping, sometimes we’re off grid with no cell service for a few days, which means no backing up and no new storage space.  I recommend this for any family who uses their phone as their primary camera when out and about.  It could potentially save you money on your next phone upgrade because you won’t need to splurge on a higher capacity unit.

Now you can protect your memories and make room for more!

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