Pet Travel Tips


Now that the weather is nicer we're making our road trip plans for the summer.  One important thing to consider is pet safety while traveling.  When making travel arrangements always take your pet into consideration and never leave them in a closed car on a sunny day, even with the windows cracked, it might seem like a no-brainer but once you hit the road it is easy to forget especially if you're pulling off the road to grab a bit to eat.

Pet Travel Tips

A few things to consider for safe travel with your pet in warm weather include:

1.  Health and Wellness – before hitting the road make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and parasite/pest prevention.  If you're traveling to a new area do a little research and see if there are any unfamiliar parasites that may pose a threat.

A pet first aid kit is also a great tool to have while on vacation.  Inside you can keep your vet records, antiseptic, tweezers and bandages, something for pet motion sickness might be a good addition as well.

2.  Preparation – Feed your pet a few hours before you leave or wait until you get there to avoid an upset stomach.  It is also a good idea to head out for some exercise and do a quick brush before putting your pet into the car that way they can get rid of excess energy and won't leave hair all over the car.

3.  What to Pack – I don't know about you but I always forget a few of the necessities when it comes to traveling with Lou.  This list will help you remember everything from a pet bed to your favorite Pet Food.

Pet Travel Packing List

A carrier or crate can be a safe haven for your pet and can easily act as their bed at your destination.  Just remember to let you pet get out and stretch every few hours!  Most rest stops have a great walking area and lots even have designated pet places.

With a little preparation traveling with your pet can be simple as long as you pack the right things!  Keeping a dish out for water is important especially when the weather is warm.  This is one of our favorite healthy pet summer tips for summer because they aren't much different than us they can easily get dehydrated when the temperature rises.


Do you travel with your pet?

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