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Do you find that you dread Mondays?  I know that I used to hate getting out of bed and back into reality after the weekend but I have made a few changes and now I welcome Mondays, they're like a fresh start.

My advice is to take 20-30 minutes on Sunday, for me it was on the hammock yesterday enjoying the sun while the kids played.  You'll need a pen and paper or whatever you like making your lists on, your calendar for the week (mine is always up to date on my BlackBerry thanks to Google Calendar), and quiet space.  Now answer these questions:

  1. What is my goal for the week?
  2. What's for dinner this week and do I need to go grocery shopping?
  3. What fun activity am I going to do with my family this week?
  4. What am I going to do for myself this week?

That is pretty much it, when you first start it might take you more than 20-30 minutes but I've been doing this long enough that I have to go recipes and use my slow cooker a lot.  I try to use what I have on hand so I can stretch my grocery dollars even further, which is also why I LOVE using coupons!

Another tip that I'll go more in depth on later is I print a monthly calendar and tape it inside my most commonly used cupboard and put all my weekly goals on that so I see it every day!

Making simple changes is tough at first but if you start by breaking it down into manageable pieces so you can ROCK your week while staying calm and organized.  Take Mondays head on and you won't dread them anymore!  Trust me I know routines are a lot of work but when you start accomplishing your goals there will be no turning back :).

Go grab your paper and pen and get started now!

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  1. Kristi Kremic on

    I LoVe this idea! But you know I tend to procrastinate the things I hate till the end of the week (this week it is 200 pages of reading for school) & run out of time. My thoughts are that starting in June I add 45 min of travel x2 a day… I think I will use your questions method, and make a voice memo on the phone instead of writing. Make use of all the moments. Any other ideas of making use of travel time (& avoiding eating in the car?)

  2. Procrastination used to get the best of me too until I started breaking tasks down into small manageable pieces so they dont seem as daunting. Love your voice memo idea!! Before kids I used to love listening to audio books when I drove, something that really made me think, the library usually has a ton available even through their online rental. I like to talk things out with myself too, maybe get crazy and wild and dream up some big goals and talk it out!! I will be sure to let you know if i can think of anything else :). Good luck on the drive, be safe. Xo

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