Week 12! I’m Done Already?!


Wow, is all I can say.  I can't believe my 90 days has come and gone, this is the final week for me but it has turned in to so much more than just the challenge for myself.  I started the blog as an accountability challenge for myself in order to find some balance in my ordinary crazy, busy life and I hoped that I could help at least one person out there and I have and so much more!  I've gone from dreading posting my weekly goals – because if you've read my early posts I don't like sharing my life with other so for me this is a huge stretch outside my comfort zone.  I've tried new things, met new people, and learned what it's like to find the balance from within to enjoy the simple things in life.  I can't wait to write next week and  tell you of all the amazing things that have come out of this journey and developed into a new one!

Looking back at week 11:

  • I have turned Real Momma into more than just an acceptability blog it is now taking on it's own journey and I'm just along for the ride!  I have started taking some online courses to improve my writing, learn more about website building, and just having fun with it!  I can't wait to share with everyone my dream for the site!
  • Paperwork – well that is always going to be there but I have managed to successfully tackle a lot of it and have developed a few new systems to make things so much easier for myself
  • In order to beat Frank at the end of the month my body seriously hates me the last few days, I have definitely kicked it up a notch from exercise to playing sports this past week and eating super clean and healthy – he better watch out!

My Goals for week #12:

  • Develop a couple blog series for my followers – specifically finishing off the couponing and ways for people to challenge themselves and find their own balance
  • Take some fun pictures of myself, the kids, and us as a family.
  • Be ready and packed early for the wedding next weekend – 10 hour road trip with the kids while Frank's at work luckily my parents are joining us for the drive or I may just have a breakdown!
  • Share what the 90 day journey has done for me and what finding  your own balance can do in your everyday life

Be sure to check back next week when I share some fun and amazing things about myself and what this 90 day journey has done for me.  I know that I am not the same person I was when I started and I am so thankful for that.  There have been a lot of ups and downs in my life lately and I am happy to sit where I am today sharing them with all of you.  I know that being honest and sometimes unsure of what life holds for us is the only way we can truly find balance from within!  So challenge yourself today and step outside your comfort zone – sometimes it is as easy as asking for help!

So cheers to all of you and thank you again.  Laura 

Care to take your own challenge?  Maybe start with baby steps and see the 7 day!

Wish me luck!  I’d love to hear from you.  Comment on my website, follow me on Twitter, or join me on Facebook!


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