New Home: Don’t Put Your Feet Up Just Yet


New Home: Don't Put Your Feet Up Just YetImage source

We know the last thing you want to hear after all the stresses of moving house is that there is more stuff to do, but we promise it isn’t anything too strenuous. It’s nothing as arduous as the house hunting, the stress of back-and-forthing, the not knowing, the falling through then coming back and then the urgent packing up and moving. No, this must-do to-do list is simply made up of the little things that will give you peace of mind as you move into your new place called home.

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1. Change The Locks

This should be the first thing you do. You just don’t know who has keys to the locks that are currently keeping your front door “safe”. The previous owner, each of the tenants they rented the property out to over the last ten years, the letting agents and maintenance man and maybe even the next door neighbors. So, to ensure you and your family are now the only people that can access your home, change the locks. All you have to do is buy some new locks and then call a carpenter or locksmith and, voila, your home is now exclusive to you, just as it should be.

2. Look Out For Pests

It is better to be safe and sorry when it comes to sharing your home with pests, especially the ones you can’t see or don't get told about when you were exchanging. As the experts at will attest, your home could also be home to termites, ants, spiders, roaches, mice, rats, raccoons, bed bugs or even scorpions. No one wants to share a home with a family of scorpions. So, get on the phone to a pest control company that is certified, registered with the NPMA and uses safe pesticides and have them come around to perform a thorough check up. It’s time to clear your home of any unwanted tenants.

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3. Check For Leaks

Yeah, your home inspector will have done this during the whole exchange process but double checking for leaks never hurts. It could be there are leaks in pipes behind walls, or it could be that your kitchen sink is spraying water that you didn’t realize. But it isn’t just the big things that could be causing water damage you need to think about, it is also things that could be leaking you money. We’re talking about toilets that run, faucets that drip and heating tanks that are letting out the heat. Things can add to some pretty hefty costs.

4. Deep Clean

Before you start unloading your furniture and unpacking your belongings, use this as a chance to get your deep clean on and create a healthy home. Yeah, we know, not exactly what you want to hear, but it is better to make sure you have a wonderfully fresh start to your new home life. If you have already unloaded you stuff, then follow this advice from Otherwise, get a carpet cleaner in, go in heavy on the oven, paint the walls and refinish and varnish the floors if you have to. All of these things will become a lot harder to do once you have got settled, so embrace the open space and go for it.

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