6 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Safe This Summer


The summer season is often a time when many homeowners spend more time outdoors and on their property. Unfortunately, the home can also be a place where injuries or break-ins occur. To keep your home safe and protect the residents, there are a few important steps to take.

6 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

Leave The Lights On

One of the easiest ways to attract intruders to your property is to show that it's unoccupied when you're away. Leave lights on inside of the home and keep the blinds shut to make it appear as if someone is present.


Hold Your Mail

If you're planning on going out of town on summer vacation, contact your local post office to hold the mail. This is a great way to make it look like you are still home. If intruders see your mailbox getting overflowed with letters they will know you aren’t home.


Avoid Leaving Windows Open

You may want to enjoy a cool breeze in your home during the summer, but this can make it easy for burglars to get into your home without having to break in. Rely on using fans and the HVAC system to keep the home cool instead of making your home easily accessible to robbers by leaving your windows open.


Install a Motion Sensor Light

Motion detecting lights can be installed on the back and front doors on the home, which will turn on when motion is detected. This will startle anyone who is peering into your home and is attempting a break-in.

Use a Security System

Security systems have become more advanced with the technology that is used and can allow homeowners to video monitor the property while they're away from the home. This can also allow you to obtain assistance from personal injury law firms, such as Bachus & Schanker Law, if an accident occurs on the property due to proof that is recorded on the videos caught by security cameras.


Avoid Advertising Your Vacation

Many people make the mistake of advertising the fact that they're away on vacation by posting photos of their trip on social media. This can alert your acquaintances that the home is unoccupied. Avoid checking into hotels or restaurants in other cities and opt for hiring a house sitter to ensure that the property is occupied.


To stay safe and protect your property during the summer season, it's important to take a few important steps to reduce your risk of a break-in or injury. You'll have added peace of mind while occupying the home or when planning to leave on a trip.

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