Moving Your Family Overseas? 6 Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoothly


Preparing your family for an overseas move is a daunting task and it is often hard to know where to best start. Delegate what you are able to in order to make less work and stress on any single person. While there will most definitely be challenges along the way, there are some ways to help ensure your move goes just a little more smoothly.

Do Your Paperwork

When moving overseas, there will be a lot of paperwork that needs completed. Find out early on what is needed as far as residency permits, work permits, passports, and driver's licenses. Do not assume that the destination country has the same requirements as your country of origin. If you are moving for a job, your employer will help with much of this. It is also a good idea to contact your country's embassy to find out what else is required of you.

Keep a Thorough Packing List

Many people choose to use a company, such as Price's Removals and Storage when planning something as extensive as an overseas move. Whether you use a moving agency to do your packing or you opt to do it yourself, keep a thorough packing list. For customs and insurance reasons, you must write down what you pack and the value of the items. In many cases, it is against the law to buy new items and have them immediately shipped to a new country. Look into laws if you plan to do major shopping before your move.


When considering cost of moving, it may be wise to sell items beforehand and then use the money earned to buy new things when you reach your destination. Hold on to what you need, but let go of the non-essentials. If the move is temporary, you may want to consider leaving some of your most valuable possessions behind to lessen the risk of loss or damage.

Think Ahead

When deciding what to move, plan ahead. Consider the climate of where you are moving, as this will affect what clothing and recreational equipment you pack. Many countries have different electric frequencies and different dvd regions, making electronic devices incompatible in some places. Keep this in mind when packing. You can check different country's frequencies and regions online.

Learn About Your New Home

Learn about where you are moving and begin to prepare. If you do not speak the language, consider taking some language classes before moving. Find out some about local customs so you can acclimate to the new culture and lessen the risk of offending new neighbors.

Embrace the Adventure

Nothing in life is perfect, so you can be sure an overseas move will come with many challenges. Try to stay positive and strong through the process. Consider planning a sight seeing adventure within a month of moving, so you can begin to get excited about your new home!

Keep a positive outlook as you embark on this adventure. Regardless of the reason behind the move, you are likely in for some real excitement! With proper planning and organization, you can make this new phase of life fun!



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