Packing up: 5 Successful Tips in Readying Your Family for the Big Move


Moving can be a challenge in many ways. The family might not want to leave the community. You might not want to leave a home that you've grown up in and where you've raised your children. It might seem like there is too much to move at one time. If you have a plan, then moving can be easier for the entire family so that you can delight in the adventure instead of making the trip overwhelming.

Get Rid of the Excess
When you begin packing for the move, think about what you really want in the new home and what you can do without. Ask the family if there is anything specific that they want to see different, such as new colors, different types of furniture or even a new landscape design. Once you get rid of the items that you no longer want, you can focus on getting the home the way you want it to look.

Getting the Essentials
During the moving process, you might find that there are some items that get put away that you will need as soon as you get to the new house. Make a box that contains the basics so that you won't have to search through the boxes that you've already packed. The box should contain things like disposable plates, towels, blankets and trash bags.

Seek Help
If you have large furniture pieces or simply think that you won't be able to move everything on your own, consider getting help. It could be from family and friends or from a moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving. Most moving companies have all of the supplies that you need including boxes, tape and the equipment that is needed to get items from one home to another.

Attach labels to all of the boxes. Each person can pack a room, putting a label on the boxes in the room to make them easy to find when you get to the new house. Labels could be color coded to match the room, especially for bedrooms to go with a favorite color.

Making a Game
For children, make moving a game. See how many items they can put in a box in a certain amount of time. You could also give them fun tasks to complete, such as picking up items outside or applying tape to the outside of boxes.

If you make moving a bit more fun and get everyone involved, then it can be exciting instead of a challenge. You want to get the opinions of everyone in the family. Delegate tasks, and make sure everyone is comfortable before the moving day.



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