Moving Blues Helping Kids Find a Home When Moving House


When you are a parent who must move to a different home, you should be concerned about your children. It can be difficult for young children, and even teens, to deal with an upheaval of school, friends, and familiar places. Fortunately, there are ways to make the moving process easier for your children, beginning with looking for a home. Here are some tips for parents to help their children feel at home when moving house.

Moving In: How to Help Your Children Adapt to the Change

Talk to Your Children about Moving to a Different House

You should have a family meeting about moving to a different home. You may need to move because a current home is too small, and the benefits of moving can include having additional bedrooms along with more bathrooms. In some cases, you will want to move to a smaller house to save money or because older children have moved away. Permit your children to ask questions about moving along with making suggestions about the type of house that they want to live in. This will help you alleviate your child’s anxiety and stress about the move.

Consider the Schools in the Neighborhood

It is important to consider the schools in the neighborhood so that your children will receive an excellent education. You can find information about schools with an online search, but you may also want to drive through different neighborhoods to look at the schools. In addition, you may prefer finding a nearby school so that your children won’t need to ride a bus for several hours each day. This is something you can also talk to your kids about. Let them tour their new schools and possibly even sit in on lessons. It can help them feel more comfortable to ease into a new environment.

Visit Prospective Homes In-Person

Parents should take their children with them to view new houses for sale in the city they are moving to. Check online websites that have photographs and videos of homes so that you can view the exterior and interior of the structures. When your children can look at the pictures of the homes that are listed, it can alleviate their fears about moving. Remember to take in their thoughts and considerations into account as well as your own desires about a house; remember, they will be living there too.

Look for Playgrounds and Courts Nearby

You will want your children to have recreational opportunities, so you should drive through the different neighborhoods looking for playgrounds. If your children enjoy participating in sports, then you will also want to find neighborhoods that have ballparks or basketball goals. If you permit your children to walk through the parks and other venues, then it can make the process of moving easier for your children. They may even be able to make friends!

Look Up Safe Neighborhoods for Children

When you have children, you will want to live in a safe neighborhood. Check a neighborhood’s crime statistics to help you decide if you want to move to the area. Crime statistics are available at online websites by searching for a house’s address, or alternatively, you can contact the local law enforcement office to learn more about the violent issues in a particular area.

It’s important to respect and acknowledge the anxieties children have about their lives changing. As adults, it can be easy to forget how much simple things like a familiar place can affect a child. Communicate with your child with kindness and love, but be willing to explain why this decision has to be made. Even if they are not immediately enthusiastic, with patience, communication, and respect, your child can grow to love their new home.


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