4 Ways to Find a New Home Your Kids Can Call Their Own


Planning Your Next Move What to do Before Your Family Packs

Moving can present a number of challenges, especially when you have children. One of these issues is that your kids might feel frightened about the move and worried about leaving their old friends, school, neighborhood, and house behind. Fortunately, you can help your kids to feel more comfortable about the process.

Make a List Together

Chances are that you and your partner have a list of features that you absolutely want in a new home. You also probably have a list of features that you would like to procure if possible. Allow kids to help you with the creation of this list. However, be realistic with them. For example, if your kids want an indoor pool and you are absolutely opposed to this idea, let them know in advance. Steer them towards suggestions that are realistic for your budget and preferences.

Talk about Prominent Features

As you’re browsing different houses and narrowing down the list of possibilities, talk up features that are most appealing to your children. For example, maybe two of your kids share a bedroom now; however, when you move to the new house, they will have their own bedrooms. Really involve your kids in the conversations about these specific parts of the house. You can show them pictures of bedrooms that might be theirs to get their input.

Explore the Neighborhood

In addition to feeling comfortable in the house, kids should also develop a connection with the neighborhood. When you visit different potential homes, take a tour of the neighborhood too. Introduce them to potential neighbors and look at the local school and community centers. Before you go, make a list of kid-friendly activities. While you don’t want to overwhelm your children with an abundance of activities on top of visiting houses, you can start to get them familiar with the community.

Allow for Decorating

Your kids might have their own bedrooms in the new house, or you might finally have the space to craft a dedicated playroom or office for the children to complete their homework assignments. Regardless of where kids are going to have their own space, allow them to get involved in the decorating. Depending upon the ages of your children, you can help them to select themes or allow them to pick out the decorations all by themselves. Ensuring that the house that you purchase has space for this endeavor can help.

In the new house, you want kids to feel comfortable and relaxed. Now is the time to start planning and preparing to create that vibe.

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  1. Children could give you ideas on what to put on that side unexpectedly. And being honest to them is a good thing to practice, at the end of the day family lives in one house. Nice one!

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