Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Wine


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Looking for a unique gift for the special Mom in your life isn’t always easy.  If your Mom likes to unwind with a glass of wine this is the gift guide for you.  We put together a list of 10 fun wine lover gifts to spoil that special woman in your life.

Gifts for Moms Who Love Wine

1. Wine Rack

Give her a place to store her wine collection in the form of a stylish wine rack. Available in numerous sizes, wine racks come in a variety of designs. From simplistic, standalone wine racks to wall mounted and stackable racks; there’s something to suit all wine lovers.

2. Wine

Of course, one of the most obvious items you can give a mom who loves wine is a bottle or crate of wine. However, choosing the perfect wine to give her might not be as easy as you think.

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3. Corkscrew or Wine Opener

There’s a huge variety of bottle openers and corkscrews available. From screw pull levers to wing corkscrews and automatic bottle openers; take your time to look through the different types before choosing one.  I love my rabbit wine opener, plus it comes with a great warranty.

4. Wine Decanter

Wine decanters were once associated with the rich and famous, but these days they are considered an essential for every wine lover. Helping to not only present the wine in a more elegant way, decanters can also help improve its flavor and remove any solid materials left over from the cork.

There’s a massive choice of decanters available including stunning crystal varieties. For a more traditional taste, you should be sure to choose one of the more antique design decanters.

5. Wine Fridge

If you want to splurge on your mother’s day gift, a wine fridge is perfect. Not only will it give her a place to store her wine, it will also keep it at the right temperature. This is a something for moms who love white or Rosé Wine.

6. Wine Taste & Aroma Kit

Another fun gift for the Mom who has everything is a wine taste and aroma kit. There are various kits available with some focusing more on aroma than taste. So consider what she’d most like to learn about before choosing a kit to present her with.

7. Décor

This is a fun one, you can get anything from customized storage to canvas prints.  What I have my eye on right now is a fun way to display my favorite wine corks that I’ve collected from numerous special occasions and locations around the world.  They all hold special meaning to me but living in a drawer is not a great way to display that.  I like this wine barrel or this his and hers cork shadow box.

8. Wine Glasses

From novelty wine glasses to the crystal variety, wine glasses make a great gift for any Mom. Keep an eye out for a special pattern she’d love, a cute saying or maybe a unique size.

9. Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Make it a unique gift.  A Vacu Vin Wine Saver is worth considering. This will help ensure her wine doesn’t lose its flavor.  That way she can savor her wine and not worry about it not tasting as good as when she first opened it.

It’s difficult to reseal a corked bottle of wine as the cork very rarely fits back inside. This wine saver does more than just seal the bottle; it also eliminates any air via its powerful vacuum pump.

10. Wine Aerator

I love my Vinturi, I actually received it as a gift, and use it all the time.  It is a great gift for Moms who are particular about the wine they drink. It helps add air to the wine, opening up the flavor if you don’t have time to use a decanter, allowing you to enjoy the wine to its full potential.

If you’re struggling for ideas we hope these 10 fun wine lover gifts gave you a little inspiration for Mother’s Day.  All you need to do now is order one and wrap it in a fun wine-themed paper.


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