Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Color


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Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore, this gift guide is for any busy Mom who is looking for a fun new hobby.  Coloring gifts come in all shapes and sizes so there is something to suit all budgets.  We even have some coloring pages available in our shop and on our Organized Family Life Etsy Shop too!

The benefits of coloring are numerous from potentially lowering stress and anxiety levels to focusing on the present. Below you’ll discover 10 of the best gift ideas for Moms who love to color.

Gift Guide for Moms who love to color

1. Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t just a fun way to pass the time, they also help to lower stress levels. In fact, they’re marketed as a ‘mindfulness’ activity.  They can help boost the mood, combat depression and focus the mind on the here and now.

With a variety of coloring books on the market you’ll find the perfect fit your Mom  – mandalas, flowers, fairies, landscapes, dogs, cats, animals, pin up women, women with tattoos and even swearing.

2. Coloring Pencils and Pens

This one is pretty straight forward, it is impossible to color without the proper tools.  A set of professional pencils can cost over $100 but with a variety of options online you can find the perfect tool for her new coloring hobby.  You might want to consider glitter pens or even sharpie pens.

Whatever your budget, you’ll find the perfect coloring pencils and pens to match it.

3. Art Paper

Your Mom might prefer drawing her own coloring pages, in this case, art paper would come in handy.  Like the coloring tools, art paper comes in various qualities and quantities.

Before choosing the right paper, think about the type of coloring she prefers to do. Painting, for example, would require a thicker paper than a pencil.

4. Coloring Wall Decals

Now, this is a fun gift idea! Coloring mandala wall decals come in numerous designs, they are basically wall pictures and murals that you can color any way you like.

So it won’t just satisfy her love of coloring, it will also give her a personalized gift that she can hang on the wall

A to Z Printable Coloring Pages

5. Lightbox

Another gift suitable for moms who love to draw as well as color is a lightbox. Usually LED powered, lightboxes help to illuminate the paper, providing a better view of drawings and stencils.

If using it simply to color, the box will clearly show where the lines end, helping her to get the best results. This works extremely well for the intricate designs that tend to strain the eyes.

6. Storage Solutions

Once people start buying one coloring book, they will buy multiple coloring books.  Storage containers would be appreciated.

You’ll be able to help her to keep all of her coloring supplies neat and tidy with a stylish container. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs so you should easily be able to find one that fits her personality.

7. Picture Frames

She has spent hours creating just the right look and doesn't want to throw it out, so why not surprise her with a stylish frame?

This will allow her to either hang her finished masterpiece on the wall or place it on a table. It’s a 2-in-1 gift, proving to be both useful and a great way to brighten up the home.

8. Over The Chair Computer Stand

Does she have little space to do her coloring? An over the chair computer stand can help. This space-saving flat stand gives her a solid surface to color on.

After use, it can easily be stored away until next time. There are quite a few to choose from, with some even offering a holder to store a cup of coffee.  Plus it can be used for multiple things from enjoying breakfast in bed to working on her computer outside.

9. Printer

A printer might not be an obvious present, but it expands her coloring options. There are such sites like Etsy that allow pictures to easily be downloaded from the internet and printed out ready to be colored.

10. Easel and Paints

If your Mom is more into painting this is the perfect gift.  An easel and paints can spark her creativity and give her an outlet for expression.

Start with a basic set, this way she can decide what her unique style is and expand her collection from there.


These are just 10 great Mother’s Day ideas for moms who love to color. The gift doesn’t matter as much as the thought, so maybe treat her to a paint night with just the two of you.  Whatever you decide to gift your Mom she’ll be happy you thought of her.


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  1. This was a good read. I prefer larger print colouring. This small ones are not really fun to me. Love the framing of the artwork.

  2. I really like the storage box, I didn’t know you could get these boxes for your pencil crayons and books.

  3. I think I would enjoy the Harry Potter colouring book a lot. I like to colour with my kids and having something I’m interested in colouring makes it more fun.

  4. Great list! I love the idea of picture frames; I used to do that with my kiddos when they were younger. Switch out art work and then scan everything and back it up to a hard drive so I will always have it all.

  5. Great gift ideas! Coloring is such a relaxing hobby. I love the idea of the picture frames as well and storage accessories will always come in handy.

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